Savage Angels - PERTH

Tue Apr 30 2024 at 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm

216 Empire Avenue,Churchlands,6018,AU | Perth

Savage Angel
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Savage Angels - PERTH Savage Angel is an event for girls aged 11-17 and their parents unlike anything you've ever been to as a family, we hope you'll join us.
Savage Angels is an event for girls aged 11-17 & their parents that's focused on Inspiring, Informing & Instructing them how to make smarter more informed decisions in life. We want to empower girls to hold core values that will allow them to stand strong in the face of social media & peer group influences. We know this event has the potential to make a huge difference in girls lives & their futures.
Our ultimate goal is to influence millions of girls across the planet to blaze their own trail & to do it with a great sense of purpose. To do it like the Savage Angels we know they can become.
The topics addressed at these events will be around personal development. Things like self-esteem, confidence, friendships & relationships, social media & mainstream media influence, anxiety, stress, depression, suicide, mindset, apathy, hope, dreams & the hard work required to kick arse in life.
What parents are saying
Ryan & Torrey Hansel - Rev hit the nail right on the head with everything that was said at the Ipswich event we went to. We came for our girls but both of us parents walked away with just as much if not more than them. What was said about the value girls place on people they don't like or care about & what they say will stay with our younger daughter for life, she was so impressed with that simple concept that was taught. Thank you R, T, M15 & H12
Ele Hosie - Savage angel was such an awesome experience the story’s where so real and it was incredibly inspirational and interesting to hear so many peoples stories I feel savage angel really shows you what people are going through and gives you a different perspective on things
Kirsten Webster - Thanks for a very powerful evening Rev. My 12year old daughter took a lot from the night and I have definitely noticed more peace, respect and contribution from her since! I also took a lot from it, I am absolutely stepping up my consistency with consequences. I highly recommend this to parents of girls who just need a little support with communication.
Lisa Short - Great evening, presentation was down to earth, related well to young audience. I recommend, certainly got nothing to lose so why not go along! it starts conversations.....
Craig Currie - Absolutely fantastic, no sugar coating, genuine, honest presentation, allows great conversations to be started. Very helpful and assists in putting the important things into perspective. Thanks so much too you all!
Sharon Baptist - The session was very open and honest and encouraging. A lot of the core values we had already discussed at home but hearing from Lana and Jo really impressed our girl!! An amazing night and I highly suggest going
Melanie Nicholls - Well worth taking my daughter to this last night. Some very sad stories helped her to put her own life into perspective and she walked away being able to analise the values of true friendship. I’m grateful that she could hear this talk at a young age. Thankyou.
Belinda Marshall - Thank you so much to everyone involved in Savage Angel; tonight was fantastic! The speakers were so inspiring, all with different stories to tell. My 13yo daughter loved it and we will certainly be attending another event in the future.
Taesha - Hi I’m Taesha and I’m using my mums phone I came to the first event tonight and it definitely has made me feel much braver and inspired me to push myself to be the best I can be. I’m 10 years old and got a lot out of the event. Thanks for the savage angel cap and I will wear it proudly.
Deborah Jean Scott - Wow what an awesome experience for both my girls 12 & 16. We all had tears in our eyes at different parts, even Dad. I can't recommend it more highly and would love to become involved with it, in some way. It will only keep going from strength to strength. Thank you all so much for sharing with us xxxx
Warning: These events are not for the politically correct because young people & parents don't think politically correctly when going through a tough time. We fully intend to say things that we know will challenge & upset both young people & parents so don't come along expecting it to be all marshmallows, unicorns & fairy dust because it will be anything but that. The message will be strong to both girls & their parents because that's how we get the results we do.
Please don't book in with a large group of friends, this is not another girls night out it's much more important than that. This is also not just a mother & daughter event, where possible try to come as a family even if you're separated & it's appropriate to do so.
So turn of the tech, screens & headsets they can do without TikTok, Insta & YouTube for 2hrs. Ignore the potential complaints & objections they wont resent you for bringing them, well not for very
We hope you can make it along to this very significant event.
The Savage Angel Team
What about the boys?
We also have a boys event called Motov8ing Boys happening at the same location the night before at the same time. To find out more CLICK HERE

Event Venue

216 Empire Avenue,Churchlands,6018,AU, 216 Empire Ave, Churchlands WA 6018, Australia,Perth, Western Australia


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