Satori Session Women Speaking in Flow

Wed Oct 11 2023 at 05:30 pm to 09:00 pm

20 West 23rd Street, New York, NY, USA | New York

Satori PR LLC
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Satori Session Women Speaking in Flow Female Speaker’s in Flow sharing everything from Increasing Social Media,Ayurveda,Self-Love,Dating&Relationships!
About this Event

This is an incredible evening of women speaking in flow on a variety of topic‘s from

Increasing your social media & self love to

Ayurveda for Beauty

Getting what you want in life and love Using Mediumship & using your Intuition

Shadow Work in self-love and much more.

Many more speakers to come!

Awsome swag and networking! Great raffle gifts care of HB

LFTD _infused Tea is our sponsor for the evening

Come with a girlfriend or come alone it’s a wonderful community of women for our event as this is the 4th annual event we are holding. It’s a wonderful evening of learning , sharing laughing bonding!

We will see you there.

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Keynote Speaker Shalandra Williams

Our Keynote will be speaking on Social Media Growth.The Pitfalls & Possibility

Shalandra has taken her Instagram account from zero to over 100k and her Tik Tok to over 103 k she will show you & how and all starts with self-Love come find how you can accomplish this too!

Shalandra Williams is a Mindset Motivational Coach and founder of Mindfull Sense. This platform provides insight with lens from a inner peace

perspective. Educating conductive ways to better maneuver in life.

Helps open the minds to different perspectives to better work on self.

Mindfull Sense inspires and uplifts individuals to better promote self discoveries of self love, self mastery, & self care.

Shalandra is speaking on Increasing your Social media presence starting with self love the pitfalls and possibilities as she took her own Instagram from 0 to over 100k and her Tik Tok to over 103 k!

Come learn from her how it’s done!

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Christine Dorocki The Ignited Goddess is speaking on Ayurveda is Beauty . Christine is an Ayurvedic Coach,a Yoga tRainer and a Cosmetologist.She combines her passion for beauty and holistic wellness to create a positive impact on the world.

Christine incorporates principles of mindfulness ,Self-love and beauty she encourages women to embrace their authentic selves and cultivate a sense of of inner beauty that radiates outward for all the world to see.

Christine has studied Yoga Training 300,6 month training as an Ayurvedic Coach and she studied Gabby Berstein’s Spirit Jnkie Life Coaching as well as Donna Eden’s Energy Healing Certification.

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Yasmine Elzormor is the event photographer,a working model and a relationship coach and a podcast host for her popular podcast Humanity Feels.

Yasmin, a relationship + sex and transformational coach, speaker, writer, spiritual mentor and podcast host. But above all, I’m a multi-passionate trailblazer, truthseeker, alchemist and creative visionary trying to pave my own path and make a difference in the world by leading with integrity and shining my authentic light.

After experiencing a spontaneous spiritual awakening at the age of 21, I hit rock bottom. Everything in my life fell apart, from my belief systems to my relationships, and I had no choice but to face my destruction and rebuild. Shortly after this, I realized I wanted to help others turn their own pain into power and cultivate inner peace.

yasmin is speaking on Shadow Work

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Joan Carra

Joan is a medium and Psychic who has been feature in/on The Daily News when she predicted Hurricane Sandy, she has also been featured in New York Magazine,Greenwich Times,,The Wall Street Journal as well as featured in 100 Top Psychic in America!

Some of Joan’s corporate clients include Liz Claiborne,Showtime and Pepsis Co.Joan also worked with Court TV’s Psychic Detective!

Joan is speaking about the Magic of Manifestation with Intuition

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Dr.Tranquility Lydia is a Hypnotic Anesthesiologist’s ,a prectitioner of Mind-Body Medicine for Relaxation Physiology from Harvard University’s Mind Body Institute now the Benson Henry Institute. Botanical Medicine from Columbia University’s Rosenthal Center and much more.

She is a published Columnist and has been featured in numerous articles including,, Yahoo Shine,Cosmo,Redbook British Glamour and the BBC Radio,abc’s The View and Metromix for The Chicago Tribune.

Dr.Tranquility Lydia will be leading us in mindfulness and meditation on Self -Love and Community.

join us!

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Event Venue

20 West 23rd Street, New York, NY, USA, United States


USD 25.00

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