SacredMa Ritual Toning Circle~Reviving Feminine Divine Mother within.

Sun Apr 16 2023 at 01:00 pm to 05:00 pm

InfiniteMa Temple | Las Vegas

SacredMa Ritual Toning Circle~Reviving Feminine Divine Mother within.
Reviving Feminine Divine Mother within~SacredMa Ritual Circle by InfiniteMa.
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Heaven's hi beloved siStars!

Welcoming all the Earth Angelic Humans, Light workers, Indigos , Star Seeds, Rainbow Prophecy oath keepers, Indigenous, medicine women and young goddesses; all who are ready to expand the natural evolutionary procces of Soul, Over-Soul and Christos Avatar Identity; seeking authentic Inner Peace, Self-mastery/Self-development as well as reAlignment of SonicCore Strength; invited to InfiniteMa's & TeresaMa's Vortices in ViVa LasVegas!

I am InfiniteMa, my intentions is to create nurturing, intimate, safe sacred space for women of commUnity and families, where they are able to connect deeper with intuition, emotional and body intelligence, deCode energetic fields and learn through daily ritual practices, embodying Feminine Divine Mother within!

Welcome to our Sundays SacredMa Ritual Toning Circle ~ inner/workshops!

Invoking ~ harmonization of four elements within, healing feminine aspect of Self...

Empowering ~ women-godesses within to the highest potential in brilliance...

Reviving ~ authentic essence of Feminine Divine Ma within...

Igniting ~ the Opening of Sacred Heart Lotus...

Integrating ~ ancient frequencies; sound alchemy...

1) Entering the gate through purification portal by 4 elements - water air earth fire.

2) Opening circle; "I am Prayer Affirmation", "Song of Orion" initiating voice toning guided by InfiniteMa.

3)Collective Circle : movement expressions "disintegrating of stagnant energy" rituals,;"five sacred rites" postures, postures of Love; "ice bucket challenge" for braver One; honoring thySelf-our body-our space; eyeGazing practicing vulnerability, tuning into and activating avatar identity, through specific phonetics, ancient tongue song of Orion, sharing cosmic knowledge, spiritual wisdom , through daily rituals practices technics based on vibrational mechanics science as well as toning practice (making vowel sounds for an extended period of time for therapeutic or meditative purposes);interactive flow with special guest/local vendors/speakers and much more....

4) Brain & Heart & Gut Coherence (three individuals appointed by Divine Flow-names ruffle; as well as individual messages from your ancestry lineage within Unified Field a.k.a.Quantum mind) alignment and counsel by InfiniteMa.

5)Wish fulfillment ritual manifestation technics; bring along your rattle, journal, fish string (1.5m) with few feathers of you choice for personal intention setting and prepare to hang it on the steel arch of the temple as air element and charging by magnified energy source for the wish to appeared in your reality swiftly....

6) Scrumptious tapas bites; fruits & live food, bring light homemade dish you wish to share in JOY with siStars-in-arms and bonding within heart-centered commUnity ~ Potluck.

7) Mingle flow :) inspired co-generative healing morphogenetic fields; sharing our experiences, relating gracefully to our beautiful reflections ...

8) Closing Circle; Live transmission by Golden Sophia Dragon Didjeridoo ~ancient Sound Blissings; sub-conscious symbols & codes Integration by InnerFlight Harmonics.

SacredMa Ritual Toning Circle purpose is honoring the Divine Mother within all women as well as our beloved planetMa Earth~Tara~Gaia!

*every second and last Sunday of the month; circle is completely fluid/different/unique; part-orchestrated; part-improve-flow; sacred setting with homework/tasks, divine uploads, assessments etc...

When: upcoming Sunday 03/26th/ [email protected] 1:11pm - 4:44 pm @InfiniteMa's & TeresaMa Lynn Temple Vortices.

(location will be emailed after reserving your spot by gratitude frequencies contributions through link or pay pal [email protected] or Venmo InnerFlight [email protected] (to avoid tax charges) as well as make sure you are reading all the communication notes in the ticket, please)

Att*** to ensure that we are holding a safe and responsible space, all participant will be required to fill out application/questioner at least 48- 24 hr prior attending our gathering in person upon reservation.

[email protected]


Anyi (contribution) is requested, please see for details note in tickets registration.

The Ayni (Reciprocity) is requested to cover the expenses of all services you will receive during your time with us.

***doors open 12:30 am@registration spot ; bring your yoga mat, water btl ( no plastic please), personal journal to wright in, totem/crystals to charge with high frequencies, meditative cushion, herb medicine if you wish to share, all your valuables leave at home, no phones are permitted during our circle in respect of ceremonial settings (most of us intuitive people are is sensitive to WIFI and electronics, phones best left in the car) no bulky jewelry, no strong perfumes, no filming, group photos during minglr time; come with open mind , open heart state of being, open to a "zero point" space, willingness to learn and ready for mind expansion by transformational experience, frequencies alignment within Primal Divine Organic Code...

***Gracefully accepting from an open heart contributions~donations~fair energy exchange, as we are in procces of setting a proper platform (PMa/508 c 1a) for women and families of conscious communities for "safe harbor" world wide. Partial contributions will go to non profit "open the horizon" in support of Ukrainian mothers and kids.

in ONgoing gratitude

overtoneLove ~InfiniteMa & TeresaMa

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InfiniteMa Temple, Address will be sent via email after reservation :), Las Vegas, United States


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