Rocío Romero Grau — Interregnum

Thu Oct 13 2022 at 06:00 pm to 08:00 pm

Pallas Projects/Studios | Dublin

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Roc\u00edo Romero Grau \u2014 Interregnum
Preview of Rocío Romero Grau — Interregnum the 6th exhibition of our 2022 Artist-Initiated Projects
About this event
Climate change, digital technological revolution, pandemics, decolonization, gender fluidity, infodemics, (nuclear) wars or the challenge to the patriarchal system, are some of the contemporary challenges that have become part of our daily vocabulary. Uncertainty lingers, the anthropocene in question, while high consumerism confidently strives blind to its reality. From personal to collective bodies, there is the emergency of new strategies for survival and social integration. But, are we ready to engage in a process of transformation? What are the options? How do we do it? How change is experienced?
As part of 'Artist Initiated Projects', Pallas Projects/Studios is presenting on the 13th of October, the transmedia installation Interregnum by the artist Rocío Romero Grau. Influenced by Bauman’s conceptualization of a 'Liquid Modernity', Rocío interrogates our present as a liminal space, an Interregnum between an unreliable past and an uncertain future. This liminal space has been mostly shown as an empty-desolated non-place but it could potentially be a vivid space of collision and chaos; the battlefield where the antagonistic meet. Within this space the possibility of a 'new original' is created.
Liminality is a placeless and timeless 'dimension'. Rocío’s work filters these attributes into a routine, identifying those moments when we are dragged by an invisible inertia, when we can’t control our habitat(s); where such a situation may lead to patterns of speculation. Change is not an isolated-ephemeral action, but a constant metamorphosis as it’s materialized in the artist’s work. For such mobile interpretation, Rocío experiments with the flexibility, solubility, elasticity, unpredictability or state-changing of materials through mediums as video, sound, virtual reality, objects and photography. The installation is devised through an attempt to connect a range of artistic practices with the aim of each connecting to a singular dialogue.
Rocío Romero Grau is a Catalan artist currently established in Galway (Ireland). She studied Contemporary Art in ATU (Galway). She develops interactive and immersive installations influenced by philosophical and sociological research. As a musician and visual artist, she has produced and collaborated in different projects, always interested in the cohesion of disciplines and artistic backgrounds: interactive installations, musical composition, theatre or visuals. As a pianist, singer and composer, Rocío has released different albums exploring different styles like punk, progressive rock, and traditional music, jazz or experimental. In the performance world she has experience in clown, cabaret, street theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed.
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