Restorative Sound Journey - Vesak Special

Fri Jun 02 2023 at 05:00 pm to 06:15 pm

Gayathri Dance Academy | Singapore

Dr Foo
Publisher/HostDr Foo
Restorative Sound Journey - Vesak Special
On this special day, we invite sounds of peace to ground into our true selves, release tensions, cultivate compassion for self and others.
About this Event

Overview and Intent

Join Dr Foo in this session to revitalise your wellbeing and integrate deeper aspects of yourself through a therapeutic multi instrument sound journey with guided meditation.

On the special occasion of Vesak, we invite sounds of peace to ground into our true selves, release physical and mental burdens, open up space for acceptance and shine compassionate light on our issues as well as that of others.

You will be bathed gently and deeply as you unravel yourself layer by layer, enhanced by meditative soundscapes, to fully release and hold your entire being.

Uncover deeper inner experiences and facets of the hidden self in theta state, embracing both pleasant and unpleasant with compassion - journeying through your mud into the heart space.

We will be using gentle yogic breathwork and movement to release physical knots before receiving the full multi-layered sound journey in Shavasana.

All are welcome regardless of experience in meditation, sound healing or any type of wellness practice.

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Grounding with singing bowls, binaural frequencies, deep synths & shamanic sounds, we progress to the lighter heart sounds of the harp, rav and other melodic sounds - as we allow our inner heart strings to surface.

Experience a unique multi faceted sound journey where Dr Foo harnesses the use of digital tools to augment traditional sound healing instruments by providing deeper layered sounds with seamless progression - a trademark of his diverse blend of sound and influences.

In sound healing, Dr Foo has received training for Himalayan Singing Bowls from Master Shree in Nepal, multi instrument sound bath from Shervin Boolarian in Bali, and electro-acoustic sound meditation design from Divasonic based in the US. His unique integration of electronic music composition and sound meditation design, coupled with his immersions in traditional yoga and sound healing present deep and etheric journeys that move the soul.

Check out his sounds here:


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Event Photos

Benefits of this sound journey:

  • Promotes deep rest and release
  • Regulates nervous system (stimulates parasympathetic)
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Gain clarity on issues
  • Integration of different parts of you

Testimonials from past Sound Baths

"Most underrated and talented sound yogi, music guru and instrument geek all in one. I have never felt so recharged and rejuvenated in a long time!"

"My body feels so light after a relaxed session, I always sleep well throughout the class even from the 1st time at his session (at one of the earlier yoga studios). Every class delivers a different energy, Sek has a calm vibe and he's always humble. It's my favourite weekly routine"

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Place and Settings

Expect an intimate and vibrationally conducive setting in an accessible part of beautiful Little India. Yoga mats will be provided, but you are encouraged to bring a shawl and any other props (cushion, yoga blocks etc) to make your experience more comfortable.


To save on additional ticket admin fees, you can also pay direct via PayLah/ PayNow to 9139 0279, and drop Sek a WhatsApp message after payment to confirm :)

Limited Early Bird tickets are at $45 until 28 May, general tickets are at $52.

[On this special day, special rates can be accorded to anyone facing financial difficulty and in need of healing - drop me a message.]

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Sek Sheng, also known by his artist name ‘Dr Foo’, is a sound meditation facilitator, musician and DJ who holds space and prescribes music for healing and integration of deeper aspects of the self. He has immersed in and been trained in sound healing, yoga, meditation and music production in an ever evolving journey in the past 10 years.

Dr Foo believes that sound is a universal language that can re-awaken our innate power and connection with all, and serve as a fun yet sacred medium for healing and understanding. His journeys emphasise the importance of owning our darkness before true healing and expansion can occur.

His sound healing journeys interweave live therapeutic instruments (singing bowls, harp, melodic drums etc) with electronic music (hypnotic synths, binaural beats), nature sounds, ethnic music and mantras across cultures. It is a reflection of his journey starting as an underground club DJ in Melbourne to immersing in yogic journeys in India & Bali, and then realising the power of sound for therapy.

In recent years he has curated soundscapes for yoga and meditation events, full & new moon sound healing journeys as well as conscious/ecstatic dance events.

Check out his sounds here:

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Event Venue & Nearby Stays

Gayathri Dance Academy, 2A Dalhousie Lane, Singapore, Singapore


SGD 45.00 to SGD 52.00

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