Relationships/Sexual Wellbeing: High-Performing Women Class/Online/ Tampa

Wed Sep 27 2023 at 08:00 pm to 09:00 pm

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Rodolfo Alvarez
Publisher/HostRodolfo Alvarez
Relationships\/Sexual Wellbeing: High-Performing  Women Class\/Online\/ Tampa Comprehend the keys to boosting your sexual well-being.
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In my many years working with high-performing women, I've noticed limiting patterns affecting their performance and overall wellness. Some include a lack of self-confidence (e.g., impostor syndrome), putting other people's needs first, perfectionism, and burnout. These patterns may affect their wellness, including their sexual well-being.

In this 1-hour master class, we will explore the keys to boosting your sexual well-being, which is vital in our relationships, health, and self-esteem.

We all deserve a fulfilling sex life, but unfortunately, we are immersed in contexts that do not talk about sexuality openly, and if it does, it focuses on restricting standards.

In the work with my clients, I've observed the following limiting patterns:

  • Feeling unsafe, fear of rejection, and shyness when interacting with partners or having sex.
  • Perceiving sex as a tedious task.
  • Focusing on a "goal," such as reaching an orgasm.
  • Feeling discomfort with your body.
  • A low sex drive.

Since people don't talk about sex, they cannot get new perspectives/tools to manage these limiting beliefs.

This Master Class will be delivered via Zoom Webinar. Before the event, you will receive an invitation.


  • The brain processes associated with sexuality.
  • What s´╗┐exual intelligence is and how to develop it.
  • The impact of mindset and emotions on sexual well-being.
  • How libido works and the keys to turning it on.

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My name is Rodolfo Alvarez. I'm a certified wellness and sexology coach working with individuals and organizations like schools, non-profits, and major companies like PepsiCo and McKinsey. I've been in the wellness field since 2010, and my work has taken me across the world, including Chile, Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.

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