Reading & Reiki- Floor Day SPECIALS with Joel

Mon Mar 20 2023 at 12:00 pm to 06:00 pm

Enchanted Forest Reiki Center, Spiritual Items 'n More | Las Vegas

Enchanted Forest Reiki, Spiritual Items n' More
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Reading & Reiki- Floor Day SPECIALS with Joel
Come and check out our resident “Oracle of the Angels” to find out what makes Joel’s readings and reiki sessions so unique and special!
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($44.44-$255.55 Depending on Session Type & Length)

Come and check out our resident “Oracle of the Angels” to find out what makes Joel’s readings and reiki sessions so unique and special! Joel prides himself on giving detailed, descriptive readings that will genuinely help you on your journey. Joel uses a combination of practical divination techniques and his own psychic intuition to give you the most clear, accurate, and informative reading possible when doing any of his divination services. For those looking for dream interpretation, and spiritual guidance these are 2 of Joel’s specialties, and you can simply book it as a Classic Divination service.

In his advanced divinations Joel takes his readings to another level. In Numerology x Tarot Joel will calculate the basics of your core numerology chart and explain them to you. (Joel also offers Numerological Couple’s Compatibility readings) After going through your core chart the choice is yours if you would like to look at some of the numerological influences you are being affected by currently or investigate the past or future to understand your past & present, and/or prepare yourself for the future. After finishing with the chart portion of the reading Joel will dive into answering your questions with the tarot deck, but this is no ordinary tarot! Joel will be looking for patterns between the numbers in your chart and the numbers in your cards, as well as using his understanding of your chart, to give you a tarot card reading that will touch on deep themes of your destiny and life path.

Angelic Tarot is a form of divination dedicated to the angels, the tree of life, and kabbalah. It is a completely unique system of tarot that was developed by Joel. In this system not only can we look at far futures and destinies, but it will also provide natural timelines. Angelic tarot is insanely descriptive, truly unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Want to have a person, place, or thing described in insane detail physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? No problem! The other awesome thing about this type of tarot is that because it is dedicated to the angels and kabbalah, it naturally puts Joel into an altered state that makes it easier for him to communicate with angels, source, and other 5th dimensional entities. So, if you have questions for any angels, archangels, or your personal guardian angels this is a great place to start!

Psychic Reiki is where throughout the duration of your Reiki session Joel takes notes on everything he is picking up on intuitively. The information that CAN come through is completely limitless, so if you have any special requests, don’t hesitate to ask! After the end of the reiki portion of your psychic reiki session, Joel will sit you down and conduct a psychic consultation where he will go over all his notes and explain them to you, before handing you the notes to take home. In Reiki of the Angels sessions the psychic component is also going to involve Angelic Mediumship as part of your consultation, and the messages that come through in your notes are typically from the angelic realm.

Reiki of the Angels describes a unique energetic healing modality invented by Joel where angels are invited into the space to personally provide you with Reiki and other unique angelic healing energies. Joel will be conducting an energetic matrix created by fusing Reiki and Kabbalistic Healing to provide a more intense healing experience. This form of Reiki goes much deeper but is not overwhelming as it transports you on a journey to angelic realms! Your ability to go, and stay, on an angelic journey during these sessions is completely dependent on what you are ready for, and what you need at this time!

For more details about Joel’s spiritual background and history you can go to To call and book your -appointment date and time after purchasing your session please call 702-948-4999!


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