Re-ignite Your Spark Within: Embrace Change, Thrive in Work, Love and Life

Sun Jul 25 2021 at 09:30 am to 05:30 pm

Garnet Station | Auckland

Re-ignite Your Spark Within: Embrace Change, Thrive in Work, Love and Life Would you describe yourself as a woman who gets what you want and wants what you get?
This is the hallmark of fulfilled women according to the latest research. Let's face it, every woman wants fulfilment. You want to feel as though your life mattered, you were loved and that your life made a difference to those you care about.
Then why is it that so many still yearn to enjoy ease, grace and abundance? Have you spent so long giving so much to everyone else that now you wonder what is left for you?
For many women self sacrifice has become a habit. Just when you think you will have time for yourself, a whole host of new challenges arise in this decade of your life, aging parents, demanding careers, changing relationships, empty nest syndrome, becoming a grandparent or menopause. It can make you wonder if life has somehow passed you by.

Do you still look back and wonder about the dreams you had as a young woman and if you will ever find the satisfaction in life that you have always craved? Or do you just want to feel excited about something - anything? Have your habits of thought and action become so routine that you are stuck in a thinking/feeling rut that you simply cannot get out of?

If you are 50+ and you still want more, it is not too late to find fulfilment. Let me show you!

I've spent the last four years helping midlife women all over the world to reclaim their mojo, to embrace patterns of thought and action that support them right now in the present moment to feel good about themselves, their lives and their contribution. Today I can honestly say that I am financially free, I have the best relationships ever and I enjoy life more than I have ever done before.

But my life was not always this way.

In April 2013 when I extracted myself from an abusive relationship, I vowed I would never allow myself to be small again. Painfully, I realized the value of being financially free and the choices it afforded me. Slowly, I regained my sense of self. I turned every aspect of my life around to the point where I can now say that I am enjoying the best time of my life ever.

My continued interest in research about neuroeconomics, financial psychology, neuroplasticity, metaphysics, forestbathing, self-care, longevity, personality and neurolinguistics amongst other disciplines has been the catalyst for a four year deep study of what makes 50 year old women happy and fulfilled.
The more I learned, the researcher in me could not help but test the veracity with other 50 year old women. I was inspired by the stories these phenomenal women told me. I was humbled by how I was able to help by sharing what I had learnt.
I have found my gift in helping other women over 50 to find the same sense of joy and vitality in midlife that is now my privilege. I use my knowledge of the available literature, particularly the empirical findings about 50 year old women, as the basis for all my teaching and my books.
Since Covid 19, I have concentrated on online course and digital books but I am so excited to be planning this live event for a small group of women. The Tiny Theatre at Garnet Station, Westmere holds 25 people so this event promises to be intimate, energetic and I promise that it will be a programme that can change your life.
Throughout the day we will work through a 3 step system that has helped countless women around the world savour life right now in the present and embrace the future with delight and passion.

We will ask the one question that can change your life. We will look at the kinds of things that you like to think about, what you like to do, how you like to feel, so that we can set you up for success at the seminar and when you get back to your life.

Life will never be the same!

If you just want to, you can become one of the inspiring women who finds intimacy, excitement, abundance and joy in every aspect of your life. It all starts with desire in your heart.

Your ticket includes all workshop materials for the event in the Tiny Theatre as well as refreshments and lunch in the Secret Garden next door at the fabulous Garnet Station in Westmere, finishing with complimentary cocktail in the Majenta Bar.

In association with Sancta Halcyon Glow, a range of luxuriant exfoliants that celebrate the femininity, resilience and tenacity of the New Zealand Sacred Kingfisher, the Sancta Halcyon.

The beautiful woman, Halcyon who was transformed and immortalised as the kingfisher, symbolises peace, love and prosperity.
PLUS there are 3 bonus gifts:
1. A 20 minute laser coaching session with me to help you get clarity and get the most out of the seminar.
2. Access to a 90 minute live webinar 2 weeks after the seminar to celebrate your successes and encourage you to keep going.
3. Six months free membership of my Women with Mojo membership club.
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Garnet Station, 85 Garnet Rd, Auckland, New Zealand 1022, Auckland, New Zealand


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