Re-Balancing GONG MEDITATION with Magdalena

Fri Jun 02 2023 at 07:30 pm to 09:00 pm

The Beehive Centre | Bristol

Rising Crow Holistic Therapies
Publisher/HostRising Crow Holistic Therapies
Re-Balancing GONG MEDITATION with Magdalena
Join Magdalena, a certified & trauma informed Holistic Practitioner at Rising Crow Therapies to an immersive gong journey at The Beehive Centre in St George (Bristol).
During a gong bath, participants will lie down and get comfortable with blankets and pillows whilst being immersed in the vibrations of sound therapy instruments - singing bowls & gongs during a session.
It is advisable to avoid stimulants (alcohol, coffee, etc.) or a heavy meal before the session and to avoid alcohol afterwards. During the therapeutic sound meditation session (also known as "sound bath"), you may experience deep relaxation and release of blockages and tensions, as well as calming down the stressful thoughts and emotions that are often accumulated in the body.
Please bring a mat (camping or yoga mat), a pillow, an eye mask and a BLANKET so that you are warm and cozy!! If you have a bolster bring it too to support your knees (and a lower back).
Not suitable for children under 16, children 16+ to be accompanied by a guardian
If possible allow yourself few hours, or even few days to rest after the sound bath, drink plenty of fluids, avoid alcohol and toxicants, avoid loud sounds and noise when possible, sleep, meditate, connect to nature, whatever may help you feel more grounded and peaceful.
Perhaps you may want to watch and observe your emotions and listen to them. Maybe there is a resistance to something that needs to be heard or felt?
Maybe it is an opportunity let go of the beliefs and behaviours that have sabotaged us for years. There is an opportunity to discover resources and that we did not know existed. When that happens see if you can slow your breath a little bit and notice how that feels, or go for a short walk in nature or maybe listen to your favourite music?
I am always happy to assist, just drop me an email or message me on Facebook (@BristolSoundMeditations).
I will also be able to give you further aftercare advice, you can contact me on [email protected] should you have any questions.
Contraindications for participation in the sound sessions: people with a pacemaker, pregnant women (to be agreed with a host), people suffering from epilepsy or severe mental health issues (GP/your consultant's consultation is advised prior to attending the sound healing session).

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The Beehive Centre, 19A Stretford Road,Bristol, United Kingdom


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