Rachel Rueckert launches "If the Tide Turns"

Tue Apr 09 2024 at 06:30 pm to 08:00 pm

Lofty Pigeon Books, Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA | Brooklyn

Lofty Pigeon Books
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Rachel Rueckert launches "If the Tide Turns"
A thrilling historical novel of piracy and life after the Salem witch trials, based on a true forbidden love story
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Set in the Golden Age of Pirates and the shadowy aftermath of the Salem witch trials, this vivid, gorgeously written novel inspired by a captivating true story combines high seas adventure, star-crossed longing, and the emotionally satisfying tale of one strong-willed young woman determined to choose her own path.

Get ready to learn some pirate trivia, win prizes (treasure!), and pick up a signed copy of If the Tide Turns at this exclusive New York launch event. Witch or pirate costumes encouraged!

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About the book

1715, Eastham, Massachusetts: As the daughter of a wealthy family, Maria Brown has a secure future mapped out for her, yet it is not the future she wants. Young, headstrong, and restless, Maria has no desire to marry the aging, mean-spirited John Hallett, regardless of his fortune and her parents’ wishes. As for what Maria does want—only one person has ever even asked her that question.

Samuel Bellamy, an orphaned sailor searching for work, meets Maria by chance, enthralling her with talk of far-flung places and blasphemous ideals. But neither is free from the social order into which they were born. When Sam is banished from Maria’s parents’ home after asking for her hand, he vows to return a wealthy man, and Maria promises to keep the faith until then.

Sam is drawn into piracy and discovers a brotherhood more equal and fulfilling than any on land, despite its dangers. Beguiled by the chance to both fight for justice and make a fortune to bring home to Maria, Sam is torn between duty to his crew and his desire to return. Separated by more than just the ocean, time slips by as Sam and Maria cling to their love for each other. Maria is determined to stay strong in her conviction in Sam, but as rumors swirl and her position in Eastham turns perilous, Maria is forced into an impossible decision.

Now, on a journey no less treacherous and eventful than Sam’s, Maria draws on every shred of her courage and resilience not merely to survive, but to honor her own yearning for freedom . . .

Advance Praise for If the Tide Turns

“IF THE TIDE TURNS weaves together two fascinating worlds in a page-turning story of love, friendship, and self-discovery. It transports the reader to the time of witch trials and piracy, shrugging off popular caricatures and exploring real-life people—the hardships they faced and the hope that sustained them. A stirring and luminous read!” — Amanda Skenandore, author of THE NURSE'S SECRET

“Rueckert works in themes of love and sisterhood and brotherhood into her debut. The will to live through perilous struggles and become resilient is strong in these characters. This journey into tumultuous history will keep readers engaged and committed until the very end.” —BOOKLIST

“Rachel Rueckert delivers a sweeping adventure perfectly seasoned with a lyrical love story that grabs you from the beginning and doesn’t let go. Her scintillating writing weaves a tale that stays with you long after you finish.” —Janna MacGregor, author of DEAR FUTURE HUSBAND

“A delicious debut awash in lore and amazing historical detail, as wild and characteristically unpredictable as the sea that gives it life. Rachel Rueckert is a writer to be reckoned with. Maria and Sam’s romantic travails grab you like a riptide and won’t let go!” —V. S. Alexander, author of THE NOVELIST FROM BERLIN

About the author

Rachel Rueckert is an award-winning writer, editor, and teacher. She holds an MFA from Columbia University and an M.Ed from Boston University. On a visit to Provincetown, Massachusetts, she learned about the true events behind If the Tide Turns and vowed to write Maria and Sam's story. She returns to Cape Cod regularly for research and freedom in the shape of solace. This is her debut novel, though she continues to excavate fascinating real pirates—such as Mary Read and Anne Bonny—from the sands of history.

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