Quantum Resonance Experience

Sat May 04 2024 at 04:00 am

Woodcroft-Morphett Vale Neighbourhood Centre | Morphett Vale

Mayuri Kalista Grace
Publisher/HostMayuri Kalista Grace
Quantum Resonance Experience
Quantum Resonance: The 3rd Experience.
In person event
Arnda and Maya are coming together to bring forth their combined knowledge and magic to others. In this experience you will receive the full force of their Magic, through Sound, hands on healing, breathwork, guided meditations and transmissions from those who have chosen to guide you through this life and others.
Over 4 months a different Goddess will be called forth to work with them to guide you through a specific healing transmission.
Each experience is different and potent, from the moment you enter the space you will be in a ritual ceremony.
This is our Third experience and Arnda will be calling The Ascended Master Quan Yin:
Quan Yin is the master of the 8th Ray (soul-star chakra). Activating, opening, and developing the 8th chakra and above.
Known as the Goddess of compassion and mercy she also holds the key for our Karmic release from this lifetime and past lifetimes.
Quan Yin is the female aspect of Buddha creating a balance of the masculine and the feminine energies within us all.
Her cleansing waters healing us of past life and present hurts that we carry deep in our hearts.
‘One who sees and hears the cry from the human world’.
Tonight, we will be calling on Quan Yin to journey with us back into our childhood. Being the witness to our child within, healing past hurts and trauma.
Quan Yin brings through the Divine Mother energy to awaken the remembrance of self-compassion, self-mercy and self-forgiveness.
About Your Facilitators
Mayuri Kalista Grace:
Maya holds the key to unlocking your boundless abilities in this lifetime and others, past, present and future. Maya stands beside you, guiding you through the realms as you transform your darkest emotions and expressions of self. Maya is the embodiment of her craft holding the energetics with honour and integrity. Maya holds the key to unlocking lifetimes of trauma and energetic blocks bringing you back to your true self. Maya’s frequency allows you to surrender and heal, receiving her magick on all levels.
She welcome’s you with the love of her sacred goddess’s, holding you within natures magick, you will want to return again and again.
Arnda Dryden:
Arnda is a Frequency Transmission’s Master Healer and Medicine Woman. She brings her personal magic into every space she enters, guiding those present to the depths of their existence and back again. Arnda interplays with your Ancestors so that you receive support guidance and transformation from both realms. When you surrender to the process of her sound activation be prepared to journey beyond your present understanding. But most of all you will enjoy the rejuvenation within because of the frequency alteration in your energy fields. She is compassionate and powerful, after experiencing her presence you will always want to come back for more.
When you mix the magic of these 2 women you are transported to a new personal awareness where messages and new understandings are profound and transformative.
This transmission is for those that wish to experience deep states of consciousness, awareness, and healing. It is for those souls who are open to receive and surrender to the process. It is for those wanting to heal the feminine but is not exclusively for women. Arnda and Maya are committed to assisting men in healing the feminine and relationships with the feminine. The right goddess can assist the masculine by creating reconnection and understanding.
The techniques used in this event can possibly evoke physiological and emotional responses. These responses are all natural and normal responses of the body as it releases past trauma and trapped energy.
Come join us in these rights of passage from our goddesses.
What to Expect:
Opening Ceremony
Breathwork Activation
Sound Bowl Healing
Hands on Healing (with consent)
Meditation Journeying and Transmission
Transmission from your Spirit Guides/Ancestors (with consent)
Reflections + Q and A
4pm – 7pm
Saturday 4th May
Woodcroft Community Centre
*please note you will be required to also fill out a health screening prior to the event.
$60 for a single ticket
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Spaces limited.
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Woodcroft-Morphett Vale Neighbourhood Centre, 175 Bains Rd, Morphett Vale SA 5162, Australia,Adelaide, South Australia, Morphett Vale

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