Professional Workshop: Radically rethinking work with Karim (English)

Tue Sep 28 2021 at 07:00 pm to 10:00 pm

The School Of Life Amsterdam | Amsterdam

The School of Life Amsterdam
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Professional Workshop: Radically rethinking work with Karim (English) When we become aware of the assumptions underlying our thinking, we become capable of reshaping our reality.
About this Event

No matter how passionate we are as professionals, there are bound to be times that we feel stuck. Things don’t seem to be working as well as they used to, we have trouble seeing the bigger picture and we feel like we are repeating ourselves.

Our thinking and our actions are based on hidden assumptions. We do things a certain way because we think that’s how they are supposed to be done and because it is how we have always done them. We don’t realise the extent to which our reality is the product of our thinking. When we become aware of the assumptions underlying our thinking, we become capable of reshaping our reality. This is exactly what we will do during the workshop. By practicing a technique called reframing you will learn how to shed light on the hidden assumptions you carry with you and you will learn to experiment with a radically different set of assumptions. As a result, your worldview will tilt, and solutions might turn out to be much simpler than you thought.

During this workshop:
  • You will gain insight into your hidden assumptions about your work, organisation and sector.
  • You will learn to use the reframing technique
  • You will learn how to break free from ingrained patterns
  • You will receive tools to help you win back your autonomy
  • You will develop the confidence to step into the unknown and feel more at home there

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The workshop leader: Karim Benammar

Karim Benammar, PhD, is a philosopher specialising in transformative thinking. Benammar studied philosophy in England, the United States and Japan, taught at Kobe University and directed research at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. He is the author of Abundance (2005) and Reframing – The Art of Thinking Differently (2012). Over the last ten years or so, Karim has applied the Reframing methodology for companies in the banking, insurance, technology, translating and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as for governments, educational institutions, architects and theatre producers.

Practical information

Language: English

Time: 14:00 - 17:00h

Study Load: There is no compulsory homework. You will, however, be given ideas and techniques that you can try out after the workshop and apply in your work.

Study Material: You do not need to purchase any study material for this workshop.

For Whom: This workshop is suitable for employees and freelancers who want to challenge themselves and want to think more deeply about the subject and themselves.

Level: There are no entry requirements.

Address: Frederiksplein 54, Amsterdam

Price: € 195,- (excl. VAT)

For more information: [email protected]

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