Pro Wiring Workshop

Thu Aug 08 2024 at 08:30 am to Fri Oct 25 2024 at 05:00 pm UTC+01:00

Heyford Park Innovation Centre. Please use What3Words reference: | Bicester

Pro Wiring Workshop
Gain a solid practical understanding of soldering techniques. Perfect the basic techniques and learn why you should use them.
About this Event

Who would suit the Pro Wiring Workshop?

  • Designed for those wishing to learn how to build professional motorsport looms based around the System 25 and Deutsch Autosport materials by TE.
  • Those who currently work in motorsport and need to widen their skill base to include the build and repair of motorsport wiring systems.
  • If you're looking to improve your motorsport wiring skills and develop with a course that can contribute towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Overview of the course:

During the two day workshop we will build a standalone wiring harness, using the materials and techniques found in modern motorsport wiring looms. Using products manufactured by the TE group and supplied by IS Rayfast, we will be working with Type 55A wire, DR25 sleeving, moulded parts, Deutsch Autosport connectors and the associated build consumables.

Workshop Theory Topics

  • Understanding layout, schematic and point-to-point drawings
  • Overview of wire types and their application
  • Wire identification using wire IDs, colour codes and usage
  • Why we use twisted pairs
  • When and how to ground shielded cable
  • Why we twist wiring harness legs
  • Overview of the ‘Order of assembly’ basics
  • Review of alternative sleeving methods
  • A guide to common types of heat shrink and suitable applications
  • Review of wire stripping tool options, cost vs. performance
  • Looking at the correct wire position in an indent style crimp, issues with over crimping and under crimping
  • Indent tooling options, setting the indent dial and positioner turret selection
  • Using polyamide tape (Kapton) and the PTFE alternative
  • Wire splice crimping options and affordable tooling

Workshop Practical Exercises

  • Wire cutting and applying wire IDs
  • Laying up the wires
  • Hand twisting a standard twisted pair for CAN
  • Creating the general loom form, bundling and taping
  • Conventional multi core twisting
  • Contra helically wound harness leg (multi layer twisting)
  • Counter twisted bundle for two twisted pairs of CAN
  • Taping legs and transitions
  • Heat shrinking techniques and sleeving harness legs in DR25 tubing
  • De-booting practice, destructive and non-destructive methods
  • Working with adhesive lined boots
  • Fitting of conventional moulded boots and bonding with flexible epoxy
  • Working with moulded parts for different cable leg transition types.
  • Cable labelling and clear sleeve application
  • Applying glue fillets for finish and function
  • Wire stripping practice and strip length for common contacts
  • Working with Indent crimping tools, turret selection and indent dial settings
  • Trimming wires to correct length whilst allowing for service loops
  • The demo loom will work with AS shell sizes 10 to 14, ASL and ASC connectors from the Deutsch Autosport family
  • Practice tube crimp splicing and sleeving
  • Cable leg preparation and moulded boot application
  • Crimp splicing of wires in the boot area, also using the splice and tail technique
  • Service loop techniques and practice
  • Crimping a CAN termination resistor in the boot area
  • Inserting and extracting AS pins and sockets

Prerequisite skills

Whilst prior wiring experience is not essential, an existing level of detailed hand skills is strongly advised to get the most from this workshop. A good level of manual dexterity and good close up eyesight will be required.

**The workshop involves working with hot equipment, a safety briefing will be given.

*** To complete the whole workshop in two days it can be a busy event! We will adjust the timeline accordingly to maximise your overall training and experience.


We provide all ofthe required tooling for the workshop and where possible we will guide you on affordable and effective equipment so you can setup your workplace or race truck with kit that won't break the bank.

Who runs the course?

WireTrain courses are run by real world motorsport systems engineers and technicians with decades of experience in the motorsport field. Our workshops use the same materials and systems you’ll find in industry.


You will also receive a WireTrain Training Certificate of Achievement that you can provide to your employer as part of your personal CPD, these are provided within 14 days of completion of the course.


Event Venue & Nearby Stays

Heyford Park Innovation Centre. Please use What3Words reference:, Heyford Park, Bicester, UK, United Kingdom


GBP 1200.00

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