PreNatal Yoga Teacher Training

Fri Jan 07 2022 at 06:00 pm to Sun Jan 09 2022 at 08:00 pm UTC-05:00

Synergy Yoga Center | Miami Beach

Synergy Yoga Center
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PreNatal Yoga Teacher Training
Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training 12 Hours
Dates: Jan 7-9, 2022 Fri 6-8pm, Sat and Sun 9:30 am - 3 pm EST

This training module focuses on developing your ability to provide pregnant women with safe, effective, and fun yoga practices throughout every stage of their pregnancy. The program emphasizes positive teaching techniques, proper sequencing, safety considerations, and easy modifications to make each class a fun and rewarding experience for everyone. Finally, you will learn not only how to create safe programs, but how to make those yoga practices transformative for your students or yourself during this special time in a woman’s life.

This module is suitable for:

Yoga teachers who want to add prenatal yoga classes to their teaching schedule.
Yoga teachers who want to be prepared for prenatal students who may attend classes.
Pregnant women who have practiced yoga and want to continue their practice during their pregnancy.
Medical and health professionals or childbirth educators who work with pregnant women (physicians, nurses, midwives, doulas, etc).

The Benefits of Yoga For Pregnant Women

Improved strength, flexibility, and endurance
Reduced back pain and sciatica
Relieving stress and anxiety
Improved sleep
Improved breathing and lung capacity
Better digestion
Help in maintaining and improving posture

These are just a few of the many benefits for pregnant women when they learn yoga from you.
This training offers 12 Continued Education credits with Yoga Alliance.

Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training 14hrs
The course teaches the foundations of yoga postures, breathing and practices so students may be able to gain mobility and strength. It is especially important for students who have never practiced yoga or have not developed body awareness through physical activity as injuries happen often with those who jump in unprepared for yoga classes.

This set of practices focused on small dynamic movements until the whole body is systematically warmed up and joints that are normally underused are prepared for weight-bearing and other postures. Certain movements influence blood flow, loosen tense muscles and connective tissue, others strengthen the small muscles to prepare for bigger movements.

These therapeutic sequences aim to loosen up the joints of the body eliminating energy blockages in the joints of the body, improve coordination, self-awareness and self-confidence. The exercises and movements are done slowly and consciously in order to build up concentration and awareness of what is happening in their body. People suffering from rheumatism, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart problems or other ailments who are advised not to involve in any vigorous/strenuous physical exercise can practice this group of asanas.

This series of warm-ups practiced 2 to 3x a week for 3 months regularly will develop the following:

Awareness of the body in movement
Ability to synchronize the breath with movements
Awareness of the Life force (Prana)
Strengthen the small muscles around the joints
Ability to isolate muscle movements and contractions
How to protect vulnerable areas in the body while developing strength
Prepare the body for weight-bearing exercises
Decrease pain in joints
Gain energy and stamina
Learn how to relax deeply

Awareness of the body in physical movement – Awareness is developed through interactions between various components of the body
by paying close attention to the sensations in the body and also keeping record of each completed movement. It is also performed slowly and simply enough to remain aware of thoughts arising in the mind. This method of practice induces a state of peace, balance and one-pointedness concentration and helps the student to stay mentally and physically present. Even when pain is experienced in movements or positions, students can notice to decrease of discomfort with repeated practice.

Awareness synchronized with breathing – Synchronizing the breath with the physical movements helps your movements slow down, this in turn slows the brain waves further enhancing relaxation and awareness. This synchronization revitalizes the body and improves functioning of internal organs with a greater influence at the physical and pranic level and effectively stimulates and balances the pranic energy flowing through the nadis.

Awareness of the movement of prana - Prana may be experienced as a tingling sensation in the body to which one becomes sensitized with practice. Mentally, one may feel light, yet one-pointed, emotionally fresh and receptive. Periodic rest is crucial and it is recommended to sit quietly in the base position for a minute or so with the eyes closed after every two or three practices. While doing this, you develop awareness of the internal energy patterns, and the mental and emotional processes. Importance of the rest period is equal to the asanas you perform in The Therapeutic exercises.
This training offers 14 Continued Education credits with Yoga Alliance.
$270 in advance and $300 within the 3 days of the training.

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Synergy Yoga Center, 844 alton road, 2nd floor, Miami Beach, United States


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