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Storgata 26 | Oslo

Storgata 26
Publisher/HostStorgata 26
PORTAL proudly presents:
She is what you could call the first lady of Techno in Estonia. She was first spotted when she won a local dj competition which was followed up by bookings locally as well as abroad. Next to traveling It all led her to make her own music and release it on such diverse labels as Desolat, Unknown to the Unknown, Ismus, Killekill and on Moments in Time.
At the moment she is pushing her own radio show and events series called ''Machine Nation'' on Raadio 2 and club HALL. Merimell is also part of BRVTAL vision. Same as her productions, Merimell's recent DJ sets have a driving dark sound and are full-on energy.
Soundcloud: https://on.soundcloud.com/d5VFM
As a former percussionist & drummer Osi expresses a deep passion for dark, rhythmical, industrial sounds. As well as deep, ambient & reverberated melodies.
Born in Sweden, he discovered his deep love for electronic underground music in 2014. He started collecting tracks throughout the years and grew a passion for playing music & eventually started producing himself.
He has been introduced on multiple podcasts & radio shows in countries such as Germany, China & Estonia. As a Dj he is playing at multiple clubs in Oslo. Osi has played internationally in Zanzibar, and in Tallinn (Estonia).
In 2022 Osi signed his first EP contract with the Deep House label Deep Clicks which is part of Proton Music Group.

Goa's burgeoning nightlife community has given rise to a number of notable artists over the years. MeV is one DJ and producer in particular whose success is a result of that community, combined with his insatiable passion and dedication to the craft. MeV has built up a reputation for himself across India and Oslo's nightlife scene playing at some of the most respected clubs across Pune, Goa and Oslo.
From peak time & closing sets in clubs and outdoor raves to opening for well known international artists such as SNTS, Hector Oaks, COYU, Flug, Klaudia Gawlas, Sara Landry, Lokier, Tham, Aida Arko and many more. He is a beloved favorite for many
Soundcloud : https://on.soundcloud.com/qqqwm
Keran Olsen is a long-term techno lover with experience. From secret raves in the Norwegian countryside and dark underground clubs in Sydney. He is not only a DJ, he has a unique and captivating sound that will keep you moving all night.
Raw Techno with Keran Olsen is not for the faint of heart, it's a barrage of driving beats, high-pressure sounds and hypnotic rhythms that will leave you breathless. Forget classic drops and build ups – this is techno in one of its purest forms.
Soundcloud: https://on.soundcloud.com/SJZFZ
Bengt Simonsen
PORTAL a platform for authentic underground sound. With a goal to seek out both local & international artists that dedicate a their life to underground music, and with their strong passion, diligence & devotion, professionally deliver their art in perfection.
We are the platform for the audience with high expectations. We are for the listeners with more than two ears!
All our dj's are carefully selected based on their unique skill and ability to stand out.
At PORTAL we are all about the right atmosphere and we are paying great amount of attention to the importance of good visuals, and is something we often get good feedback from. Visuals is provided by our one and only light technician Bengt Simonsen.
We are prepared and are expecting you to step in!
Theme: Tribal, Dystopia, Cyberpunk
Genre: Raw/Hypnotic, Hard Techno
Location: Storgata 26, Oslo
Time: 22:00-03:00
Age limit: 20

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Storgata 26, Storgata 26,Oslo, Norway

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