Planning The Picture: Birth Planning Workshop

Tue Oct 10 2023 at 11:00 am to 02:30 pm

Twinkle Twinkle My Little Star Ultrasound, West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, USA | Los Angeles

Los Angeles Birth Doula
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Planning The Picture: Birth Planning Workshop
Get ready to plan the perfect birth experience at our in-person workshop, Planning The Picture, where we'll guide you through every step!
About this Event

? Introducing the Birth Board Class: Empowering Your Birth Plan ?

Hey there, amazing parents-to-be! Are you ready to take charge of your birthing experience and make it truly memorable? I’m thrilled to invite you to my one-of-a-kind Birth Board Workshop, where we’ll dive into the art of crafting a birth plan that’s not just a piece of paper, but a central guiding light throughout your journey to parenthood.

? What Sets Us Apart:

Real Results: With an over 90% vaginal delivery rate over my three-plus years of experience and almost three dozen births, you can trust this method is backed by a proven track record of factual success.

Innovative Approach: Say goodbye to those tiny note cards and fumbling with loose leaf paper. We’re stepping up the game by using poster boards for your birth plans. Why? Because labor dances to its own rhythm, and we understand that finding misplaced notes or phones can be a hassle. Placing your birth plan on a board keeps it right where you need it – at the center of attention.

Unifying Your Team: Picture this – your birth plan as the star of the show, visible to everyone in the room. In an average delivery space bustling with 12-15 individuals, from medical staff to catering crews, having your plan on display ensures everyone’s on the same page. No more confusion, just a harmonious environment dedicated to your preferences.

? What You’ll Learn: In the Birth Board Workshop, we’ll cover essential concepts that’ll empower you for the big day, whether it’s your first bundle of joy or your tenth! The world of birthing is ever-evolving, and your needs are at the forefront of our journey together. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll explore:

Crafting Your Vision: We’ll dive deep into understanding your unique desires, concerns, and expectations. Your birth plan isn’t just a checklist – it’s a reflection of your dreams. Let’s bring it to life!

Navigating Change: The birthing landscape is always shifting, and we’re here to help you navigate it confidently. We’ll discuss the latest trends, practices, and how to adapt your plan accordingly.

Team Collaboration: Learn how to effectively communicate your wishes to your birthing team. From medical professionals to support persons, everyone will be in sync to ensure your experience unfolds just as you envision.

Empowered Decision-Making: Sometimes, the unexpected happens. We’ll equip you with the tools to make informed decisions on the spot, aligning with your birth plan even in dynamic situations.

Let’s Do This Together: I’m beyond excited to guide you through this incredible journey towards parenthood. Together, we’ll create a birth plan that isn’t just a piece of paper, but a beacon of strength and clarity. Are you ready to take the first step towards an empowered birthing experience? Join me at the Birth Board Workshop and let’s make your dreams a reality!


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Twinkle Twinkle My Little Star Ultrasound, West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, USA, United States


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