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Sat Mar 09 2024 at 09:30 am to 12:30 pm

Sanjeev Kumar Auditorium | Surat

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People Multiplier - Lead | Inspire | Multiply

There are many resources in your organization.

But what is that one important resource without which your organization may not move forward?



What are the issues you face on a day-to-day basis with regards to People?

  1. You have difficulties in hiring absorbing and retaining people.
  2. You have to do follow ups with your people on a consistent basis.
  3. Your people lack the ability to make decisions.
  4. Your people’s tasks and roles are not clearly defined.
  5. You find that all the tasks come back to you even though they have been delegated based on people’s capabilities and responsibilities.
  6. Your people are continuously engaged in Office Politics.
  7. Your people are engaged in Non-Productive Activities.
  8. Your people are engaged in Non-Revenue Generating Activities.
  9. Your people lack the drive to take on Ownership.
  10.  Your people lack the drive to take on Responsibilities.
  11. Your people lack Creativity.
  12. Your people lack Innovation.
  13. Your people lack the Motivation to drive the team forward.
  14. Your people lack the Capability to drive the team forward.
  15. Your people lack Transparency.
  16. Your people are plagued by misunderstandings about their organization its processes policies their growth plan etc.
  17. Your people do not share your Vision and Belief for the organization.


But is this really a People Problem?


Is this an Organizational Problem?

Is this a Cultural Problem?

Is this an Entrepreneurship Problem?

Is this a Leadership Problem?

Is this a Management Problem?

Is this a Systems and Processes Problem?

Is this an Organizational and Structural Problem?


And if so what in them created it?                   

God Knows.


So what is the solution?

The only solution is to become a…People Multiplier!

Be a part of a revolutionary program “People Multiplier” first time in the city of Surat

Where you will get answers to questions like:

❓Who is a People Multiplier?

❓What are the qualities of a People Multiplier?

❓How can one become a People Multiplier?

Along with that you will get your very own Roadmap towards becoming a People Multiplier by understanding:

A) The C&C concept of People Multiplier.

B) 11 Principles practiced by a People Multiplier.

C) A Unique Technique adopted by a People Multiplier.

Led by T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair (India’s most famous Entrepreneur Coach King of Sales Motivation & Confidence Guru Author & a Visionary) the program “People Multiplier” is definitely going to be a big milestone in your journey towards professional success!

Event Venue

Sanjeev Kumar Auditorium, 14, Hazira Rd, Behind Rajhans Theater, Adajan Gam, Pal Gam, Surat, Gujarat 395009, India


INR 750.00 to INR 3500.00

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