Peaceful Valentine’s Day Sydney

Mon Feb 12 2024 at 07:00 am to Wed Feb 14 2024 at 01:30 pm

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Juniper McKelvie
Publisher/HostJuniper McKelvie
Peaceful Valentine\u2019s Day Sydney
Tap into the love you already are with guided meditations and community, regardless of your relationship status!
About this Event

Let's get past the VDay hype!

A fancy dinner for two followd by a bubbly bath with rose petals everywhere and - wait. I've never had a Valentine's Day like that and guess what? I'm not only still alive, but I'm feeling more love than ever. Even though I'm single.

Let's expand our idea of love and what's possible for VDay and beyond.


We'll talk about details in the event, but here's the hint:

All the love we want from others, be it a partner, a community, colleagues or friends - we actually already have that inside. We just have to feel it.

Through relaxing guided meditations we'll calm the hype around Vday so we can look inside to discover what's always been there: unconditional love. Then we'll use the power of imagination to extend the feel goods beyond this one day.

Each event is a complete experience, so you only need to attend once. Couples and individuals in a relationship are welcome to attend!

I'm your host, Juniper, and I'm so excited to come together to share some love and help each other get past the insanely narrow, consumerist defintion of love and a happy Vday.

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I'm Juniper McKelvie, writer, actor, and freelance nun hell bent on teaching people the tools for inner peace. I draw on my 25 years of meditation experience and my actor training to create events that guide participants to tap into the inner peace, playfulness, and power already inside them.

Because I'm a freelance nun, the meditation I teach is secular and accessible to all, and I provide spiritual support and guidance to people of any or no religion.

I created this event because I see so much needless suffering when the Vday hype takes over and people should all over themselves for not having that couples bubble bath. I'm all for healthy relationships, and would like one myself, but I no longer feel like Valentine's has to be a certain way in order for me to be happy and feel loved. (Yes, we can talk about what dating is like for a freelance nun.)

I also teach the tools for peace in my free Pause for Peace workshops, also on Eventbrite, and in my upcoming podcast, .

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