Oslo Pride: The Invisible A’s

Sat Jun 19 2021 at 04:00 pm to 05:00 pm

Youngs Oslo | Oslo

Oslo Pride: The Invisible A\u2019s Oslo Pride and FRI Oslo og Viken have invited some of the most influential and visible spokespeople for asexual and aromantic activism to a panel talk about ace and aro identities.
► The event will be streamed live from the stage at Youngs at FRI Oslo og Vikens facebook-page: https://www.facebook.com/friosloviken
Activist Yasmin Benoit, author Angela Chen and Sofia Bergendal, from Asexual Association Denmark (Foreningen for Aseksuelle i Danmark) will discuss what it means to be ace/aro, the A’s place at pride and how asexuality and aromanticism can become a more visible part of the queer movement.
The talk will be moderated by Elan Morgan (de/them), board member of FRI Oslo og Viken and asexual.

/// Photo
From the left - Sofia Bergendal, Yasmin Benoit (photo: Becky Gannon) og Angela Chen (photo: Sylvie Roskoff).

/// Panel attendees

Angela Chen
Angela Chen is a journalist, activist and author of the book ACE - What Asexuality reveals about Society, Desire and Sex. She’s also a seasoned speaker, frequently speaking on Ace topics.

Yasmin Benoit
Yasmin is a british activist and international model having been featured in Cosmopolitan and Teen Vogue. She is one of the most active and fiercest ace activists in media today, and identifies as aroace.

Sofia Bergendal
Sofia is a Swedish/Danish aroace and one of the founding members of Foreningen for Aseksuelle i Danmark. The Danish org is an active member of Copenhagen Pride and is committed to increasing visibility and acceptance for asexuality and aromanticism.

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Event Venue

Youngs Oslo, Youngstorget 3, 0181 Oslo, Norway, Oslo, Norway

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