NY The In's and Out's of Energy Interplay w/ Reid, Monique, and Peter

Sat Aug 31 2024 at 12:00 pm to 05:30 pm UTC-04:00

New York City (exact address in confirmation) | New York

Everyday Tantra
Publisher/HostEveryday Tantra
NY The In's and Out's of Energy Interplay w\/ Reid, Monique, and Peter For many of us energy sensitives, life on planet earth can be a roller coaster of epic proportions.
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If you aren't going to Burning Man this year, we have the perfect alternative. A weekend of events in a beautiful high rise, right next to the Hudson River. Join Reid Mihalko, Monique Darling, and Peter Petersen for alluring, educational, humorous, and experiential workshops all Labor Day weekend in NYC!

What is Energy Interplay?

It’s your ability to notice, access, and commune with the energy (aliveness) all around you!

It’s your ability to expand your definition of Sxx to so much more than just point A into slot B. It’s a threesome with the sun, a mountain, the ocean, a breeze.

It’s your ability to manifest with Sxx magic,

It’s your ability to play another’s body like your favorite instrument....

For many of us energy sensitives, life on planet earth can be a roller coaster of epic proportions, we feel ALOT, we are labeled “high maintenance” or “too this” or “too that” all to often we are left with the feeling that we are alone, that we are “crazy” and that no one else could understand.

How would it feel to know that there are more of us out here than you can possibly imagine? A tribe waiting to connect and play in this magical field that we have innate access to?

Reid Mihalko, Peter Petersen and I have been playing in the infinite realms of energy our entire lives, (probably for many lifetimes 😉 ) and everywhere we go people are asking what is Energetic Interplay/Sxx?

We hold a space where your feelings are 100% welcomed, because on the other side of all of your emotions is the bliss of your being where you can ride waves of energetic currents and possibilities. By FEELING all of your emotions, you are able to fully allow life-force energy to flow through your entire body and expand your capacity for greater pleasure.

This special day, will dive into all of this and SO much more!!!

Here is a secret...

“The opposite of pleasure is even MORE pleasure”

Be ready to discover a clear path for tapping into your natural abilities for creating the life you desire where all of you is celebrated. We will be using our sxxual energy to claim and allow these desires to come alive in the world (sxx magic).

Come share YOU and allow the community to help amplify your truth!

Sxxual energy is a profound whole-body healer and can bring forth delicious feelings of bliss and ecstasy from endorphin release. We will explore underlying principles and approaches to playing with sxxual energy, energetically.

Here are some benefits you will receive through this deep and playful gathering:

*Play with the Aliveness of your body!

*Anchor an ability to transform life into an orgasmic playground way beyond traditional sxx

*Deepen your connection to your own energetic field

*More unconditional Self Love and Acceptance

*Strengthen and hone your skills to engage and play energetically solo and one-on-one

*Understand and speak your boundaries

*Release shame and old stories that don’t serve you

*Claim your right to sxxual pleasure and passion

*Communication skills that encourage asking for what you want

*Meditation, Experiential, FEEL.....Integrate and Anchor

We will be deeply exploring our own sensual and sxxual energy. ( All with our clothes on!) All activities and exercises will be guided and are optional. You can participate solo, with a partner and in small groups. All participants are asked to practice with each other, or by oneself, in whatever manner supports you best.


- Love Exchange Registration: Claim your spot for $149 and immerse yourself in a day of profound and delicious connection.

- Early Bird Special: Be among the first five registrants to enjoy this life-changing experience for just $129!


We are only going to be in town for this weekend and we have crammed as many different events as we possibly can in this short time for you. Come out and play again and again!

About your Facilitators:

REID MIHALKO: As seen on NETFLIX' "Chelsea Does..." alongside Chelsea Handler, Reid Mihalko (he/him) of ReidAboutSex.com is an internationally known sxx and relationship geek who helps adults create more self-esteem, self-confidence, and greater health and accountability in their relationships and sxx lives using an inspiring mixture of humor, personal stories, keen insight, and comprehensive sxxual health information.

In early 2018, some very brave people came forward during #MeToo sharing harms that Reid had caused them. Reid stepped down from teaching and initiated a restorative justice-based accountability process to address his misconduct and make amends if and where possible. The formal, year-long process along with Reid’s apology and resources were shared publicly and can be found at TinyURL.com/reidaccountability.

Going forward, Reid’s projects and appearances will include pointing people towards resources and experts on restorative and transformative justice-based accountability processes.

Reid’s workshops and college lectures have been attended by over 60,000 people from all over the globe. He has appeared in media such as Oprah's Our America With Lisa Ling on OWN, NETFLIX, Montel, Dr. Phil's The Doctors on CBS, Bravo's Miss Advised, Fox News, in Newsweek, Seventeen, GQ, The Washington Post, and in thirteen countries and at least seven languages.

Reid is also founder of Sxx Geek Summer Camp, Sxx Geek Conservatory, and Sxx Geek School for Gifted Sxx Geeks, which help sxx educators learn valuable business skills that allow them to reach more people with greater ease, transform more lives, and make a better living as sxxperts.

Follow @ReidAboutSex on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Monique Darling, Author of 'Beyond Cuddle Party' and workshop facilitator extraordinaire has led over 3000 workshops in the past 16 years. She is the founder of Everyday Tantra an organization dedicated to empowering people who are questioning the assumptions of how their life should be and to offering tools for self expression that create trust, inner knowing and wisdom to enjoy the life they have.

Monique has taught at colleges across the US including Yale. She has been featured on TLC and The Dr’s as well as various radio shows, podcasts and magazines across the globe. She specializes in helping others reclaim their power and natural sensuality by transmuting fear and repression into courage, self-love and freedom. Her primary purpose is helping folks bring out their vulnerability, energetic embodiment and fearless relating.

Learn more about Monique by going to www.Everydaytantra.com

Peter Petersen has been teaching qigong for 20 years and has been a certified massage therapist for the last 18 years. Peter has been teaching in health clubs, hospitals, retirement villas, and several different wellness/spa resorts in Mexico and the United States, such as Rancho La Puerta, Mayacamas Ranch, and Present Moment Retreat.

Peter is also a personal wellness coach. This Qigong practice helps people ground themselves into their “now” to increase their present moment awareness of their behaviors, and find simple solutions to problematic habits such as: eating, moving, negative thinking, and sleeping. The result of this tool box of healthy information is that clients become their own health advocate and regain a sense of stability, peace, and well-being into their everyday lives.

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New York City (exact address in confirmation), Address in Confirmation, New York, United States


USD 129.00 to USD 149.00

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