Nurturing Me, Rebirth with Choon Yen & Wendy

Sat Apr 27 2024 at 06:00 am to 07:30 am

Club Yoga | Singapore

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Nurturing Me, Rebirth with Choon Yen & Wendy Nurturing Me, Sensory Immersive Rebirth session of Butterfly Touch and Sound Bath in Hammock with Wendy and Choon Yen to rewrite birth story
About this Event

Nurturing Me, Rebirth in a Hammock is created by Choon Yen & Wendy to release repetitive patterns in our lives, suppressed emotions that happened during our prenatal life, and imprints from birth on.

Why do we need to release our primal trauma (trauma that happened from prenatal life to after birth)?
Because we all wake up operating from the baby's system in us. Those patterns due to traumatic events happen repetitively or are so overwhelming that they stay with us until we are ready to release them. These patterns in life limit our ability to communicate with others and affect how we feel about ourselves and others. We may even fear to enjoy intimacy with our loved ones.
Touch is the first sense we develop in our mother's womb. Everyone craves touch naturally especially when it creates the feeling of being comforted and nurtured. Butterfly Touch Massage is a light touch therapy developed by Dr. Eva Reich who ran Gentle Bio-Energetics. She paid close attention to helping individuals and groups to achieve Good Beginnings. Butterfly Touch Massage is both nurturing and healing for newborn babies.
Its goal in our Nurturing Me session is to nurture the "baby". Help us feel safe and comforted. Only then, our defense mechanism is put at bay. It calms the nervous system, melts resistance (armour), relaxes muscle tension, and stimulates the tissues to free the encapsulated cells. That's when healing birth trauma can happen. We don't force healing but nurture the body and the soul for healing to take place.
Wendy's special sound bath in a hammock is an effective yet relaxing way to relax the mind and body through sound waves and vibrational frequency. It supports mental, emotional & spiritual well-being, improves the sense of self-awareness, and deepens our states of consciousness.
Our unique nurturing light touch massage and sound baths create a synergy effect in melting the defense mechanism in our body to bring about a deep sense of self-awareness and healing of our primal trauma.
In a meditative state, Choon Yen will bring you into a state of consciousness where the goal is to raise your sense of awareness back to the primal period. You will continue to stay deeply relaxed and enjoy a journey of self-discovery into a state of expansion through the power of Butterfly Touch and Sound Bath.
About the Facilitators
Choon Yen (@kongchoonyen), a Good Beginnings Specialist specialises in helping individuals and couples achieve good beginnings with various processes, hypnosis, and body therapy. She is a PSYCH-K Facilitator, also a Certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator & Birth Doula, providing a growth model of care to help individuals restore holistic health. She helps individuals transform stress and anxiety into a state of peace by rewiring the subconscious belief system into a positive one to increase potential growth. Healing trauma, and restoring the flow of energy to bring joy back to life.
Wenyogaheal is led by Wendy who facilitates Sound Therapy / Sound Healing / Sound Bath sessions using Therapy Harp. Gong, Alchemy Crystal Bowls, Crystal Lyre, Chimes, Drum, Flute, and many other special sound healing instruments.
She is trained in Therapy Harp with an international sound healing instructor from the USA and went on to be the first in Singapore to offer sound bath using the harmonic Therapy Harp. She also received training and is certified in Gong, Alchemy Crystal Bowls and Flute Sound Healing. She often complements her Sound Therapy sessions with her collection of various unique and powerful sound healing instruments. She is certified in Usui System of Reiki up till 3rd Degree as well.

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Club Yoga, 28b Hongkong Street, Singapore, Singapore


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