Nurturing Me, Rebirth in a hammock - Butterfly Touch & Sound Bath

Sat Jun 29 2024 at 05:45 pm to 07:30 pm

Club Yoga | Singapore

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Nurturing Me, Rebirth in a hammock - Butterfly Touch & Sound Bath Nurturing Me, Rebirth in a hammock - Butterfly Touch & Sound Bath
Embark on a Rebirth journey to release patterns, heal trauma, and deepen self-awareness through gentle touch and soothing soundscape

Date: 18 May 2024 (Saturday)
Time: 5:45pm - 7:30pm
Venue: Club Yoga (Studio 2, Level 3)
Energy Exchange (Eventbrite fees apply):
Single: $128
Soulful Companionship (2 person & more): $120 per person

Are you ready to release outdated patterns and unlock a deeper sense of self?
Nurturing Me, Rebirth in a hammock is a unique experience designed by Choon Yen & Wendy to help you release repetitive behavioral patterns that are rooted in the primal period, suppressed emotions, and imprints from your life in the womb and early life.

Why is releasing our primal trauma important?
Because these early experiences can shape our perceptions and limit our ability to connect with ourselves and others. Releasing primal trauma is crucial because it impacts how we operate, often repeating patterns or feeling overwhelmed by past events. These patterns limit communication and intimacy.
This is your chance to reconnect with your inner child, find peace and joy.

This experience utilizes three powerful modalities:
1. A Limbic Imprint Recoding is done to raise your conscious awareness in the primal period, and that you can decide to create positive change in your birth story. It is an essential part of rewiring the neurons and resetting the nervous system to a restful and joyful state.

2. Butterfly Touch Massage: Touch, our earliest sense, is vital for healthy brain development, comfort, and nurturing. This gentle nurturing, light touch therapy Butterfly Touch Massage, developed by Dr. Eva Reich from Gentle Bio-Energetics, aims to nurture the inner "baby," calming the nervous system, melting resistance (armour), stimulating the tissue to free the encapsulated cells, and restoring energetic flow by creating safety and comfort, without forcing it.

3. Sound Bath in a Hammock: Cradled in a soft, silky hammock, a haven of comfort that mimics the gentle embrace of a mother's womb. Here, suspended without pressure, you'll be enveloped by Wendy's specially curated soundscape. Powerful instruments like Alchemy Crystal Bowls, Gong, the ethereal Therapy Harp or Crystal Lyre will bathe you in healing frequencies. Feel the stress melt away as deep relaxation, self-awareness, and expanded consciousness wash over you.

Together, these holistic practices work harmoniously, creating a synergy effect: Dissolving the barriers of our defense mechanisms, paving the way for profound self-awareness, fostering self-discovery, and ultimately, healing your primal trauma.

This is your chance to:
• Release limiting patterns
• Heal from past experiences
• Enhance self-awareness
• Deepen relaxation
• Reconnect with yourself

Ready to embark on this transformative journey?
Contact Choon Yen (@kongchoonyen) or Wendy (@Wenyogaheal) for more information and bookings.

About the Facilitators:
Choon Yen ( @kongchoonyen ), founder of Birth Discovery, a Good Beginnings Specialist, specialises in helping individuals and couples achieve good beginnings with various processes, hypnosis, and body therapy. Women and mothers from all walks of life seek Yen's expertise to help them transform their fear, anxiety, and trauma into a state of peace and joy by rewiring the subconscious belief system into a positive increasing growth potential. Yen pays close attention to an individual's prenatal and birth experiences. She advocates preconception preparation and healthy attachment. She speaks for unborn babies (soul's need) with her poem Voice of Baby educating couples to prepare for a conscious journey into parenthood.
She is a PSYCH-K Facilitator, a Certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator & Birth Doula trained in prenatal & perinatal psychology, Gentle Bio-energetics Body Therapy, and Holistic Hypnotherapy. Her goal is to help individuals restore holistic health, rejuvenate the body, healing primal trauma, and restoring the flow of energy to bring joy back to life.


Wendy (@ Wenyogaheal ), a certified Multi-Instrument Sound Therapist, offers transformative Sound Therapy sessions using an array of specialized and unique Sound Healing instruments including Therapy Harp. Gong, Alchemy Crystal Bowls, Euphone, Crystal Lyre, Chimes, Drum, Flute and many other instruments.
To deepen participants’ experience, she become the pioneer to led immersive Sound Bath in soft silky aerial hammock and superbly comfortable ergonomically designed cloud lounger.
Being certified in Usui System of Reiki up till 3rd Degree and also Healing & Timeline Therapy, she integrates her expertise in these modalities for holistic healing.

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All are welcome! Come with an open mind and heart and no experience in mediation is required.
We limit the number of participants for your best experience so book early to avoid disappointment.

Minimum 4 to run.
You can also DM us directly to make a booking. (No Eventbrite fee and payment can be made through PayNow).

Come in comfortable attire and refrain from wearing clothes with zip and sharp or pointed jewellery/accessories that may damage the hammock.
You are highly recommended to bring your own eye pillow, blanket, jacket or/and cushion for extra comfort and hygiene purposes.
The space will be sanitised before and after the event and sanitising spray and hand gel will be available for usage.
Please do not attend the session if you are feeling unwell.

Do read through and observe the venue guidelines. Arrive at least 20 mins earlier prior to the session and latecomers will be rejected from attending the session once it starts.

This session will be held at Club Yoga (Studio 2, Level 3).
Address: 28B Hong Kong Street Singapore 059667
(Located at one of streets opposite Clarke Quay Central Shopping Mall and is between New Bridge Road & South Bridge Road.)
Nearest MRT & Exit: 2 mins walk from Clarke Quay MRT Exit A

If you wish to access more information, you can visit . Alternatively you can direct any questions you have by emailing to [email protected], direct message through Instagram or Facebook (Wenyogaheal) or WhatsApps (message only) to +65 8751 1678.

Event Venue

Club Yoga, Noise Street, Singapore 05, Singapore,Singapore


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