NLP Master Practitioner 12 day course (Spring/Summer 2021) Nr Exeter, Devon

Sat Apr 17 2021 at 10:00 am to Sun Oct 24 2021 at 05:30 pm UTC+01:00

Manor House | Dawlish
NLP Master Practitioner 12 day course (Spring\/Summer 2021) Nr Exeter, Devon Take your NLP skills to the next level with this high-powered,experiential NLP Mastery training FIVE expert trainers. THREE qualifications.

About this Event

Welcome to an AMAZING NLP Master Practitioner Programme. 


We've brought together THE LEADING people in their subjects so you will get a first-hand experience of mastery - direct from the experts!   (Just like Bandler and Grinder did back in the 1970's).

 This is a course delivered by FIVE experts in their field.  
  • TOP Hypnotherapist and hypnotherapy trainer. 
  • WORLD-LEADING author in Linguistics
  • LEADING Timeline Therapy (TM) Trainer
  • INDUSTRY ACCLAIMED author and trainer in Motivational Interviewing
  • Two EXPERTS in Metaprograms, Coding, Modelling and Clean.


2021 Dates: All Saturdays and Sundays. 10am - 5:30pm

17/18 April

8/9 May

5/6 June

26/27 June

17/18 July

4/5 Sept


£1995.00 Early Bird

£2495.00 Late Bird

£1495.00 Loyalty Bird - Special rate for all NLP Practitioners who qualified with Big Results Training and/or NLP-UK



We want to run this course LIVE or "blended* and not 100% online, so we are having to be super-flexible and work around what's going on in the world with the pandemic, and aim to keep everyone safe and well at all times.

It is possible other dates may be moved around in order to accommodate the training. And it's also possible that we turn this into a blended online/offline course.   Please note that if you book onto this, we may need to shift dates around to suit the situation, so we might need to ask you to keep a number of dates free in your diary.

Another element may be that the order of weekends may be subject to change.

*A blended training might look like: some of the training online but live, and some of it in small groups meeting up.

Here’s the  6 weekend, 12 day programme.

(the order of weekends may be subject to change)

WEEK 1: Starting the journey – coding, modelling launch and clean

Welcome to this wonderful journey into NLP Mastery. This weekend we will be setting the scene, unravelling the mystery of mastery – and planning the journey. We will gain a greater understanding and exploration of clean language, environment, time and movement. We will review coding, then, we will investigate the launch of your modelling project, just as the whole of NLP is based on Modelling. As the course continues, you will work on your modelling to get the most from this amazing course, and your modelling skills for life.


Week 2: “Keys to Mastery” and “Working with the unmotivated/resistant client”. 

How often do you work with a client and wonder what on earth will truly help? Repeating patterns, self-destruction, unhelpful thought patterns… they may say they want to change – but you just feel that it’s unlikely. Welcome to Motivational Interviewing: an exceptional tool that will help you unstick yourself – and your clients. You will gain a Motivational Interviewing certificate in its own right.


Week 3:  Timeline Therapy TM

Going deep into Timeline Therapy ™ with specialist Timeline Trainer. Making timelines even more useful and functional, understanding the nuances and developing strategies.   You will be qualified to the standard where you can join an international Timeline Association.


Week 4: Advanced Linguistics

Advanced Linguistics with internationally acclaimed linguistics expert and author, Rintu Basu. Gain even more linguistic “sleight of mouth” to build and hone your practice. Enjoy and embrace language, understand the way others may have manipulated you in the past (and realise how you may have even manipulated yourself!)


Week 5: Hypnotherapy 

A stand-alone hypnotherapy qualification that leads to an international certification to practice through the American Board of Hypnotherapy. Go deeper and deeper. Engage with your unconsciousness and learn more about yourself than you may have remembered. Learn how to put someone into a trance, the different trance states, and how to self-hypnotise.  


Week 6:  Julia Bickley & Sue Haswell – completion, more clean, Mastery!

The final week of this deep and experiential journey. Julia and Sue will train you in coding and patterns for teaching others. We will be supervising breakthrough sessions using all the valuable techniques of the previous weeks. Although it has been a wondrous journey, at this point you will realise that perhaps the journey has only just begun! And that now, complete with the strong and valuable treasure-chest of tools, you are finally a master of NLP! Even more capable of striding out and making a difference in the world, and in your chosen destination.


 Your expert facilitators:

Phil Harris               

Phil Harris has worked in frontline mental health, personality disorder and substance abuse services with adults and young people for over 28 years. The majority of his client work has focussed on working with difficult and entrenched complex cases. As a treatment designer he has developed bespoke and county wide treatment systems across the UK that have set new standards in treatment outcomes and designed a range of specific intervention for complex client groups.   He has written over 20 scholarly articles, published five books on effective treatment and contributed chapters to the Royal College of GPs guidance on working with young people with complex needs. He is a visiting lecturer at the University of Bristol Social Policy Unit, was an advisor to the US BICEP programme and has worked as an advisor to the World Health Organisation in the Balkans. He is currently the Lead Psychologist for a large mental health and housing charity supporting teams who work with complex cases including personality disorder, trauma and dual diagnosis.

Victoria Whitney 


Award winning Health Wealth and Happiness Expert Victoria Whitney is an expert in assisting people in transforming their lives to create the situations and circumstances they want in life. Victoria has been in the personal development industry for over 15 years now, and assisted many people in overcoming lifelong blocks and barriers, enabling then to transform their lives. achieve more, be more do more and have more of what is truly in alignment with the most authentic version themselves.

Victoria holds an Award for Inspiring Human Potential in Training and Coaching, LLB Hons from Exeter University, is Certified Trainer of NLP Certified Instructor of Hypnosis, Certified Trainer of Time Line Therapy (TM), Master NLP Coach, has PTLLS, ILM Teamleader qualifications, Health and Social Care Diplomas at several Levels.


Rintu Basu


Rintu Basu, international bestselling author of The Persuasion Skills Black Book: Practical NLP Language Patterns for Getting The Response You Want, helps people hone their persuasive abilities to get the most from themselves and others.

As a Trainer and Coach Rintu has spent over twenty-five years developing and teaching persuasive language in often unusual or difficult situations such as policing, playing poker, performing arts, dating and flirting, job hunting as well as more usual contexts like training, coaching, sales and management.

He has created persuasion strategies that you can apply anywhere from cooperative situations like coaching clients and team meetings right through to complex adversarial situations such as criminal investigations and interviews.

Whether you are a performer moving a crowd, a leader inspiring a team, an interviewer getting the best from your interviewees, a trainer blowing out fears and limiting beliefs or a police officer talking criminals into putting on the handcuffs or a coach helping a client to lay down their fears and embrace change Rintu has developed NLP linguistic strategies that can help you get the most from your audience and yourself.

 Julia Bickley 

Julia is an experienced and passionate people and organisational development professional. In real terms, this means she works to support others, develop skills and knowledge, improve self-awareness, motivation and confidence in others.

As a co-owner of a training and HR business, she spends a lot of her time designing and delivering workshops for a range of organisations with the aim of supporting long term, positive change.

She is proud to be an NLP Master Practitioner and qualified to provide varied psychometric assessments, such as MBTI, Hogan and Strengthscope, and has a keen interest in positive psychology in the workplace.

Sue Haswell


Sue Haswell is a qualified and experienced trainer and coach, NLP Master Practitioner Trainer, mindfulness & stress management specialist and qualified facilitator. She is also an accredited DiSC and EQi facilitator, and a member of the British Psychological Society Test Users. She has been running her own successful communications, training and consultancy business since 1997 (the same year she discovered NLP!)

Sue has worked with a variety of major organisations throughout the UK, to help improve their business, including specialist training and coaching in communications and creativity. She delivers Media Skills training, to “face the press” and advises companies on their communications strategy, as well as how to get the point across even in times of extreme stress and crisis.

Sue is the author of PR Superstar; A best selling book on getting the most from your communication with the media.

And if all this seems a little serious – Sue has been recognised as an International Laughter Yoga Ambassador for Laughter Yoga International.


PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS COURSE CAN ONLY RUN SUBJECT TO SUFFICIENT NUMBERS BOOKED ON IT. If we don't get the numbers you'll be offered a full refund. 


To book on this NLP training, and for further information please contact Sue Haswell.

Tel: 01626 864458 and 07772 333001


Contact webpage:   

or email: [email protected]


Practical information:  Teas/coffees will be provided all day long.  Lunch is at your own arrangement. 


 "NLP is both a professional training and a personal therapy. A magical journey, an opportunity to grow and rediscover myself, and to come away with all the tools I need to make my true authentic life re-begin"


For more information about the course (yes EVEN more!) please visit:




This is a 12-day pass-or-feedback course overall.

You will complete two main assignments as part of your Master Practitioner certification, and receive peer, personal and tutor feedback.

Peer and Supervisory Assessments: Throughout the course you will be assessed for your performance, understanding and practice, and these assessments will be both by the course leaders and your peers. You will also be expected to provide peer assessments.

Pre-requisites for Master Practitioner

You will have already completed a NLP Practitioner Programme, at least 6 months prior to starting the Master Practitioner Programme. (A copy of your Practitioner certificate will be required to confirm eligibility)

You will commit to reviewing your NLP Practitioner learning before the Master Practitioner programme.

Assignments for Master Practitioner Status

- ‘Personal Breakthrough Session’ – designed and delivered during the course

- A modelling project “for excellence” – which will be presented to a small group at the course (the presentation will also be using NLP skills)

- Homework and research projects

Course duration: 12 days (spread over a 6 months)


Once you have passed the course, you will be entitled to three months introductory ANLP membership - which we include as part of the course (if you're already a full member your renewal will be extended by 3 months).

Introductory membership package includes

  - Introductory Members pack on graduation, containing a copy of Rapport, personal membership certificate and more.

  -  3 months membership of ANLP at Professional level: this includes the next issue of Rapport and emails from ANLP about how to make the most out of their membership.




Successful completion of the Timeline Therapy TM Practitioner and Hypnotherapy Practitioner elements mean you will receive a certificate of completion. This enables you to register with a worldwide accreditation body and be recognised worldwide and practice worldwide as a certified practitioner of Timeline Therapy TM and Hypnotherapy.




You will have already completed a NLP Practitioner Programme, at least 6 months prior to starting the Master Practitioner Programme. (A copy of your Practitioner certificate will be required to confirm eligibility)

You will commit to reviewing your NLP Practitioner learning before the Master Practitioner programme.


"NLP opened my eyes and suddenly I could see myself as I had never understood before."

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