New Perspectives on Narcissism

Fri Oct 06 2023 at 07:00 pm to 08:00 pm

Birmingham | Birmingham

Danielle Morrisey
Publisher/HostDanielle Morrisey
New Perspectives on Narcissism
Learn new perspectives on Narcissism you haven't yet seen.
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*This is an online Zoom workshop*

Narcissism is everywhere

... or is it?

The word "Narcissist" is definitely everywhere, leading us to believe Narcissists are hiding behind every corner.


What really is Narcissism?

What causes it?

How does it affect relationships?

And, how do you recover from a relationship with a Narcissist?

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You've spent hours browsing Youtube, and have read every Psychology Today article...

But, there's missing factors - nuance, subtleties, etc.

You've realized there's more to the story.

There's more to your story.

You want a FRESH perspective.

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In this workshop you will:
  • Learn the energetics of Narcissism
  • Understand your own energetics – how you come off to people; who is attracted to your vibration, who is not, and why. Learn the qualities of your own, unique, embodied presence.
  • Clear your fears and resentments around Narcissism and people who show Narcissistic traits

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Danielle Morrisey is a holistic, trauma-informed life coach specializing in embodiment, empowerment, relationships, mindfulness, and transformation for highly-sensitive and empathic women. With a background in mental health, psychology, sociology, and mysticism, Danielle guides clients through personal transformation and alignment with their Authentic & Empowered Self.

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