New Beginnings - Yin Yoga & Spring Renewal w. Miz

Sun Feb 13 2022 at 02:00 pm to 05:00 pm

The Yoga Flat (Christianshavn) | Herlev

The Yoga Flat
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New Beginnings - Yin Yoga & Spring Renewal w. Miz
Accepting changes we observed through autumn, using the energy and space we made through winter, growing from our seed, and flourishing into spring. Steadily, cautiously, blooming into new beginnings. Spring time is guided by the wood element, at this time of year we witness how nature wakes up, how WE start to wake up! As seeds start to grow and trees glisten with new buds, there's a force in the air, a breeze of new life with everything tense and ready to come forth....
But we can be affected by those tense imbalances in our Wood element in terms of the impact on our movement and flexibility, our posture (trunk), and feeling unrooted in our bodies. Our emotions may show over-eagerness, even anger and frustration, as we're just a little too ready to rush into new adventure! Working with the liver (yin) and gall bladder (yang) energies in our bodies, through gentle movement and mindful stillness we can rebalance our need to feistily react, and become more focused and soft in our approach, steadily emerging and sensitively expanding – acting and moving with purpose, kindesss, and direction.
Indulge yourself in a grounding, softening three-hour practice filled with gentle movement, deep breathing, and long steady restful poses to rebalance.
Our healthy wood element gives us a vision of our potential, our ability to be flexible, to plan, make decisions and to initiate change and growth, as well as the determination to progress with changes.
Yin yoga and Qigong have strong links with Traditional Chinese Medicine (a form of therapy for the entire body, mind, and spirit), and these ancient practices observe that all living things – including us humans – are dynamic and interdependent. As the roots of a tree provide nourishment to it's branches, the liver supplies blood to nourish the ligaments and tendons and works in partnership with the energy of the gall bladder. The harmonizing action of the liver provides blood for mensturation, and supports the nervous system ensuring the smooth flow of chemical messages and regulating changes in hormone levels.
Breathe deeply, rest when needed – pause, and get ready to begin again....
Looking forward to some harmonious mindful movement with you all!
Price 400,-

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The Yoga Flat (Christianshavn), Christianshavns Torv 2, 1410 Copenhagen, Denmark, Herlev, Denmark


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