Neuroscience and Mindfulness: How Slowing Down Heals

Sat Apr 22 2023 at 02:00 am

the Sanctuary | Dublin

the Sanctuary
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Neuroscience and Mindfulness: How Slowing Down Heals
The workshop will include slow mindful movement, body scanning, mindfulness meditation and walking meditation.
The yogis of yore knew that slow movement as well as the attention-training techniques of meditation have profoundly positive effects on the mind and body, including:
– Better sleep
– Improved digestion
– Increased energy
– Improved mood and emotional regulation
– Decrease in negative thought patterns associated with anxiety and depression
– Increased calmness through the activation of the ‘Rest and Digest’ response
– Improved relationships through activation of the ‘Tend and Befriend’ branch of the nervous
– Better focus, concentration and memory
During this session, you will develop the skill of interoception, noticing subtle sensations in the body, which is associated with enhanced wellbeing. An outdoor walking meditation practice will be included, weather permitting. You will also learn easy lifestyle tweaks and self-care tips to reset your nervous system when you feel upset or overwhelmed. The ‘science’ will be layered through the practices, facilitating a learn-by-doing experience.
With over 20 years experience teaching yoga and training yoga teachers, Paula will guide you with her special blend of knowledge, expert cues and gentle compassion.
If you want to calm your nervous system, optimize brain function and improve physical healing, don’t miss this unique workshop.
Day & Date: Saturday, 22nd April 2023
Duration: 3 hours
Time: 2 pm – 5 pm
Price: €35.00

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the Sanctuary, Stanhope Street,Dublin, Ireland, Dublin, Ireland

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