Naughty-or-Nice Holiday Film Fest | Kick-Off Party

Thu Dec 02 2021 at 07:00 pm to 08:15 pm UTC-05:00

Creative Veins | Jacksonville

Creative Veins
Publisher/HostCreative Veins
Naughty-or-Nice Holiday Film Fest | Kick-Off Party
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If you're like most people, you're looking for something fun to do this holiday season!
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It's easy! Just grab a few family members, friends, coworkers, or neighbors, and your cell phone or camera and make a short holiday film with us! We've got some amazing prizes, cool judges, awesome trophies, and it all starts at the kick-off party!
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????: Naughty-or-Nice Holiday Film Fest Kick-Off
????: Thursday, December 2nd at 7:00 p.m.
?????: Creative Veins
???: YOU & anyone who'd like to "join in any reindeer games" and make a short holiday film!
???: Zero experience required; most teams will be filming on their cell phones!
???: The kick-off party is where you can learn all the details of the festival, join/form a team, AND select from our naughty-or-nice stockings to learn all of your requirements for your film. YES, this is very similar to the hugely fun trick-or-treat fest that sold out Sun-Ray. If it ain't broke, why fix it, right?! Anywho, then, it's onto the filmmaking where you'll have two weeks to complete your 5-minute holiday film! You're guaranteed to get into the holiday season, festive spirit, have fun, create something unique and exciting, make friends, and build lifelong memories!

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December 2nd | Kick-Off Ceremony
December 2nd-16th | Filmmaking
December 16th | Films are Due
December 18th | Public Screening & Awards Ceremony

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⋆ Cheeriest One-Liner
⋆ Most Snow
⋆ Most Redeemed Male Actor
⋆ Most Redeemed Female Actor
⋆ Greatest Miracle
⋆ Biggest Grinch (Most Anti-Holiday Character)
⋆ Most Festive Award (Best Set Design/Decor)
⋆ Most Over the Top Performance
⋆ The Mistletoe Award (Unrivaled Romance Award)
⋆ Best Music (Carol, Song, Score or Singing)
⋆ Most Extreme Holiday Costume
⋆ Most Heart-Warming Character
⋆ Lowest Budget (Christmas Eve Scrooge Award)
⋆ Biggest Budget (Christmas Morning Scrooge Award)
⋆ Most Pathetic Character
⋆ Best in Show (The Hootie Award)
⋆ Audience Favorite (Whoever brought the most friends)
⋆ Cutest Moment (Cindy Lou Who Award)
?????? (Films Must be Holiday-Themed)
Western or Hillbilly
Period Film
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????????, ???????? ??? | ????-???:
Learn all the details of the fest, meet-n-mingle, form/join/register your team, and select your team captain. Your team captain will then draw blindly from our 4 stockings of fortune to determine your team’s film requirements (Genre, Conflict, Holiday Miracle, and Location). But, be warned, not all is what it seems; both nice AND naughty requirements are waiting for you inside each stocking. If the holiday gods favor you, you'll receive a treat, a requirement that will help your film. On the other hand, you could receive a naughty requirement from the stockings of fortune and draw a requirement that's not so jolly.
????????, ???????? ??? - ????????, ???????? ???? | ??????????:
Let’s make a film! You’ll have two weeks (including two whole weekends) to complete your 5-minute film. All films must include the requirements drawn from the 4 stockings of fortune during the kick-off!
????????, ???????? ???? | ??? ????:
All films are due by 11:59 p.m. on this date. It's possible that we'll accept a late submission, however, late submissions will be screened only and not eligible for an award. Don’t be a scrooge; get that film turned in on time!
????????, ???????? ???? | ???? ????????? & ?????? ????????:
A public film screening and awards ceremony will be held for all filmmakers and their friends and family. All attendees must purchase a ticket (even if you had a team in the festival). Tickets are $15.25/person.
The entry fee to participate on a film team in any capacity (actor, writer, crew member, assistant, etc.) is 15.12/person. This is for every teammate who appears on screen as an actor and/or any credited crew member. You’re welcome to use as many people as you like without paying their 15.12 fee, provided they do not appear on screen or in the credits. There are 3 ways you can register as a participant in the Naughty-or-Nice Holiday Film Festival:
– Teams –
If you’ve already formed a team or have one in mind, you're ahead of the game! All you'll need now is to have at least one team member attend the kick-off party so they can draw from the 4 stockings of fortune to learn your film’s requirements.
– Single Participant –
Want to participate but don’t know anyone or have a team? No problem! Just make plans to attend the kick-off party and we'll help you find a holly jolly group to join!
– Misfit Toy –
Don’t have a team, don’t know anyone, and can’t make it to the kick-off party? That’s no problem either! Just type "Misfit Toy" in the team name spot on your registration form and we’ll help pair you up with a fantastically festive team immediately!
?? ??????????, ?? ????, ?? ???????!
Painting, sculpting, scrapbooking, crocheting, even filmmaking...everyone has an excellent idea for a scene, a character, or even an entire film within them! Still, most people would never dream of making a film because they don't know where to begin. But you don't need to know where to start or, quite frankly, anything else. All you need to know is that you're going to figure it out with the help of your team and have a blast doing it! You've seen enough movies to know the basics and we know you know how to use your phone! Plus, even if you're unsure, we've created a handy little guide to help you along the way!

???????? ?? ???? ? ????????!
It's easy to dwell on all the reasons why you shouldn't, wouldn't, and couldn't make a film, but they pale in comparison with all the reasons why you should! So, grab your friends, grab your family, grab your neighbors, grab your co-workers, and start creating! Our fondest memories are usually not of whatever expensive thing we purchased or food we ate; they're the moments we cherish most are of the things we created with those we love. The time you made a soapbox derby car with your dad, the time you and your grandma baked a special cake, the summer where you and all your friends built that cool tree fort. How often have you wished you could go back and spend just a few minutes experiencing those special moments again?

That's what makes filmmaking so unique; you're not only creating something with people you love, but the very thing you create will last forever and you can revisit that moment whenever you'd like!
??? ??? ????????? ??? ?????????:
Our mission is to build and strengthen the community through creativity by producing an inclusive festival where participants of all experience levels can have fun, celebrate the spooky season, make new friends, express themselves without judgment, and build lifelong memories! Regardless of their education, experience, and background, we believe everyone possesses unique abilities, skills, and experiences that have artistic value. Therefore, we all benefit by inviting everyone to share their unique traits, perspectives, and ways of expressing themselves. We believe that every person who adds value should be recognized and that most of the people who make things great go unrecognized. So instead of mimicking other awards that acknowledge only a few key individuals, our awards seek to recognize all of the things that make films great! We believe that expression should be encouraged and celebrated. Everyone has a right to be heard and feel safe expressing themselves without being judged or labeled. We believe that censorship and demonizing those who don't share our views only further divides us. The way to unity is by first letting people speak freely, allow them to vent their emotions and frustrations, and understand why they feel the way they do. True tolerance requires us to live with people unlike us but still find a way to coexist. And in our experience, we are all much more alike than we think. Our differences make us unique, but our overwhelming similarities are what unites us. Now, on to making your epic holiday film...
Give us a shout! We're available via phone/text or by email anytime at [email protected] ?? feel free to message the studio at [email protected]
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????????? ?? ??? ???????-??-???? ??????? ???? ????
337 East Forsyth Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202
904.323.2471 (call/text)

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