Mystic Readings Exchange

Tue May 14 2024 at 05:00 pm to 06:30 pm

Target | Seattle

The Wild Ones
Publisher/HostThe Wild Ones
Mystic Readings Exchange
ONLINE EVENT!! Activate your intuitive skills, play, share and connect with other wild souls.
About this Event
<h4>“…go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself.” - Alan Alda</h4><h4>

Each month in The Wild Ones Community we hold an energetic reading exchange and this month YOU are invited!

It’s the perfect time to put your intuitive practice into action with a vibrant and supportive community.

Activate your intuitive skills and connect with other wild souls. Your cup will overflow with joy and laughter.

  • Would you like a personalized reading from a Wild Ones member?
  • Want to know what it's like to do a Tarot reading for people other than your BFF?
  • Are you ready to test-drive your intuitive skills?
  • Or maybe you want to share your gift with people who value and affirm your insights?

Here’s how the event will go…

✨ We begin with a Community Tarot pull and a practice specifically designed to help you drop into your inner wisdom.

✨ Then we’ll break into rooms of 3-4 for about 30 minutes.

✨ Choose your power… Do you throw stones? Scan the stars? Are you learning to read numbers or Human Design charts? Do you have a favorite spread for your Tarot or Oracle deck? We welcome all divination tools at our table.

✨ At the end, we’ll come back together to share insights and have a little dance party ??(as usual!)

Test out your intuitive skills. Beginner → Advanced. (Readers of all levels are welcome!)

<h4>This is a space to play, share your intuitive gift, and connect with your community.</h4>

"Wow, wow, wow! So many insights and I love everyone's vibes and personality. It's been a really heavy and rough day for me and this session really helped shift that energy."


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By the end of this event, you will…

✦ Clear your mind and enter into direct communion with your intuition

✦ Learn a practice to tune in to your well-spring of inner knowing & uplevel your self-trust

✦ Gain valuable practice and confidence in your ability as an intuitive reader

✦ Connect with a vibrant community and meet new magical friends

And most of all . . .

Reflect, share, and connect in a safe space. Witness the expanded energy field of a community that supercharges your personal magic.

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Meet your Guide

Jenner Linden a World-renowned Intuitive Business Coach and Creatrix of The Wild Ones, an online community where over 60,000 free spirits, heart-centered seekers, and transformational leaders are magnetizing the life they want to live.

<h4>A weaver of ancient wisdom with cutting-edge techniques for growth to embody real life-changing results.</h4>

Jenner will help you reconnect to your personal power and spiritual alignment to transform your life, business, and the world.

"Thank you for letting me learn exactly what I need right now, you are a gift…" -⎯Ariel
“I love all the workshops from this group, and the card reading was phenomenal and so insightful.” -⎯Christy
“I love ?? that we can talk openly about Tarot, crystals, spirit guides, visions, Human Design, astrology and all the other things that vibe with us!” -⎯Karina

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Target, 302 Northeast Northgate Way, Seattle, United States


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