Music Therapy Fest 2024

Fri Jul 19 2024 at 01:00 pm to Sun Jul 21 2024 at 01:00 pm UTC-04:00

3938 Waddy Road,Waddy,40076,US | Waddy

D.AXT Productions
Publisher/HostD.AXT Productions
Music Therapy Fest 2024 Get ready to for the first annual Music Therapy Fest 2024. We want people to realize how much an impact can have. MUSIC IS Therapeutic.
We invite you to join us in a 3 day 2 night soul invigorating event with camping on location!
This event will be an audio and visual utopia held on 15 acres of private property and includes manicured grounds, wooded areas,, 2 stages and trails throughout!
Come join us for a weekend of dancing, loving, laughing, living and adventuring in an event filled with light shows and visual attractions to include live performances by musicians, fire & flow.
There will also be TONS of art and food vendors, meet and greets with performers, contests, prizes and SO MUCH MORE!
Gates open at 1pm for general admission. 10am for those with presale tickets.
Getting to arrive early to set up camp
Generators are permitted.
--18 and over event - ID Required
--Pets welcome with RESPONSIBLE owners! Must be leashed!
--No acts of hate or discrimination will be tolerated
--D.AXT productions reserves the right to remove any entity with just cause.
--You, the Individual are completely and solely responsible and liable for your own and YOUR PETS/Child/minors actions, behavior, edict, choices and consequences there of. (Please clean up after your pets who need to be supervised at ALL TIMES.
--We, (D.AXT Productions) do not assume any liability or responsibility for any damages/theft to any persons, pets and or vehicles; nor do they assume any liability, responsibility or accountability for any action that results in injury, maiming or death to self, other persons or animals, this includes any act of God ,weather, property or wildlife related injuries, damaged, maiming or death. Each individual person is responsible, liable and accountable for their own actions, behaviors and consequences there of.
* No sexual objectification and/or degradation will be tolerated. Please do not touch models, performers or any other persons without proper and mutual consent from said individual.
* Theft is not tolerated, consequences will follow for said action.
* Please respect the grounds. If you pack it in, pack it out.
* Any destruction of property will result in immediate removal and/or consequences.
* Be mindful, if there is a no burn permit in effect we are required by law to abide by such.
* D.AXT PRODUCTIONS and all entities are not responsible for the weather or act of God, no refunds, check the weather before you come and pack appropriately
* We reserve the right to refuse and admit any individual that we deem fit to do so. This is listed as a private event. We reserve the right to do whatsoever action that will result in the rescue or the act of saving ones life at said event should the need arise.
* if you are found with any contraband that is deemed to be a threat to security , self or others you will be removed and consequences may follow.
* Any items left on site will be held for a maximum or 24 hours for claim. After said time items will removed from the property and disposed of accordingly.
* If you are found in possession of any falsified credentials, counterfeit money, and or contraband that would result in fraud or is meant to deceive said event will result in removal and/or consequences.
* You are solely responsible for your campfire, please be mindful of wind conditions and burn bans, please extinguish fires when not in attendance of it. If your fire causes damages to the grounds or property of the event you will be held responsible for compensation to repair or replace what was damaged.
* Any vehicles left on the grounds without permission will be towed at the owners expense after 7pm JULY 19, 2024.
* You are solely responsible for anything you choose to consume, please be kind to yourself and make choices that matter like you do to us.
* If at any point you feel unsafe or in danger PLEASE contact a staff member of the event right away! Your safety and well being are of our utmost concern.
* Please be respectful of all attendees, this event is intended to be positive, uplifting and supportive.
* Be mindful of the campers that share your space, if you choose for a more restful time we ask that you take presence in the back of the property further from the attractions and stages so not to cause conflict with sleep. Entertainment will be going on through out the night.
* This event is to help heal the broken so please be mindful to be part of the healing and not the breaking!
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OR CALL US AT 502-235-9488

Event Venue

3938 Waddy Road,Waddy,40076,US, United States


USD 60.00

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