Mud Max feat. TIMBUKTU | Journey Across Mali

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Mud Max feat. TIMBUKTU | Journey Across Mali
Mali is a mixture of cultures from many nations, including the nomadic Tuaregs from the Sahara, the fishing communities of the Bozo people, the proud Songhai, and the pastoral Fulani. The country has a rich history which has left many remnants - the legendary city of Timbuktu, whose name has never lost its magic for travelers, magnificent mosque in Djenne, and the bustling river port in Mopti. Lucrative trade routes passed through the territory of Mali in the Sahara, making this region a good place for the wealthiest inhabitants of Sub-Saharan Africa. One of the richest rivers in the region, the Niger, flows here.
The Timbuktu region is renowned worldwide for its elusive and hard-to-access old town, giving the city its name in French. This fascinating destination gained global recognition through the legendary ruler Mansa Musa, who in the late 14th century embarked on a pilgrimage to Mecca. Mansa Musa and his entourage made a remarkable stop in Egypt, where they spent such an incredible amount of gold that it caused the Egyptian currency to devalue. This event sparked the birth of the mythical city of Timbuktu, with tales of its streets paved with gold and buildings adorned with golden roofs.
Mopti, nestled on the banks of the mighty Niger River, is a remarkable city that plays a pivotal role in Mali's river transport network. Its strategic location makes it a bustling trade hub and an ideal starting point for mesmerizing boat trip.
Mali with its elusive charm and and fascinating history, offers one extraordinary adventure that will transport you back in time and reveal the remnants of a Sub-Saharan past.
DAY 1 Segou
First impression of the Savannah scenery with acacia and baobabs called here monkey bread trees. Visit to Segoukoro historical village and visit to the week market. Our arrival in S├ęgou is expected in the afternoon. Orientation walk, visit at local house and much more!
Day 2 Mopti
We continue drive through the villages as we head to Mopti, the Venice of Mali, due to its unique and picturesque location on the junction of the Bani and Niger rivers. Just as how the Italian city of Venice is famous for its canals and waterways, Mopti is known for its intricate network of water channels.
We'll set out on a boat trip to the junction of the rivers, home to the nomadic Bozo and Somono fishermen. We will visit their village over colorful sunset.
Day 3 Bamako
Return to Bamako, with several stops in mud villages.
DAY 4 Timbuktu
Today is the day - we embark for a day trip to Timbuktu!!
The iconic Djinguereber Mosque, constructed in the early 14th century, stands as a testament to the region's architectural legacy. Extravagantly designed and bearing the influences of Sudanese and Sahelian architecture, this mosque is a masterpiece that has withstood the test of time.
Further on we move to renowned Sankore University, a center of Islamic learning established in the 14th century. It served as a beacon of knowledge, drawing scholars from far and wide to study various disciplines, including astronomy, theology, mathematics, and law. The university's impact was felt beyond the borders of Timbuktu, contributing significantly to the intellectual and cultural exchanges of the time.
We will certainly have enough time to get lost in the labyrinthic, mud alleys and enjoy all shades of pink changing colors into grey. Here is also best place to meet the "Blue People of the Desert", also known as the Tuaregs.
While the reality of Timbuktu today may differ from the romanticized version found in ancient tales, the city continues to captivate the hearts and minds of travelers who are drawn to its rich history, cultural heritage, and the spirit of exploration that beckons from its desert oasis.
DAY 5 Departure
Quick look at Bamako, the capital of the country, known for drummers and traditional African dance. The food markets and outskirts of the city are incredibly atmospheric and completely different from the modern and bustling city center. Souvenir shopping before flight back home with lifetime memories.
Activities: sightseeing, short hiking, boating.
Accommo & meals: hotel, double sharing - basic facilities ahead!
Cost: 9300 AED + flight approx. 4200 AED.
Flights: Ethiopian airlines via Addis.
Specifically excluded: Any cost related to visas, restaurant meals.
Visa support documents available upon trip confirmation.
It is a sole responsibility of participant to secure the entry to trip destination.
See yah in Timbuktu x
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