Moving Meditations: Ishtadi - Deep Tribalism

Fri Jul 09 2021 at 07:30 pm to 11:55 pm

VibroAcousticsWilliam Wains Gade 11, 1. th., 1432 Copenhagen, Denmark | Copenhagen

Moving Meditations: Ishtadi - Deep Tribalism VibroAcoustics & Nature Tales welcomes you inside The Vibroacoustic Studio’s new series of “Moving Meditations"
Moving Meditations are musical flows designed to help tune into oneself by beginning with relaxation followed by dance meditation, finishing with relaxation.
A space of verbal silence, letting the music become a tool and guide to feel oneself, listening to the spaces between thoughts. It’s about constantly rediscovering the present moment, and letting your body flow in the stream of sounds.
Each Artist will prepare a specific menu for the evening that will guide your body through different states, and create a moment in time where you truly can let go.

Date & Time
Friday 9th of july, 2021
19:30 - 24:00
William Wains Gade 11. 1th 1432 Refshaleøen
111 kr. Summerspecial (Normal price 222 kr.)
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19:30 Doors Open*
20:00 Introduction Circle
20:30 Moving Meditation
23:30 Closing Circle
24:00 Goodnight
* Please be there on time to settle in properly before the introduction.

The Experience:
Do you know the feeling of bass coursing through your body, like being inside the music or the music being inside of you? When the air becomes electric and there is nothing left to do but to dance? Allow yourself to join us on a musical journey.
The composition is built around the classic - home - out - home model.
beginning with lying down on the VibroAcoustic Bass Floor, we listen to the body, activating the parasympathetic nervous system the Rest & Restore mode.
As the energy builds up the atmosphere invites exploration of the space and the body to move, mediate and meditate awareness instead of thoughts.
A place where we can let go into the wilderness beyond mental control.
Finishing, we land back into the parasympathetic nervous system, being flooded by vibrations, inviting us with feelings of tingling bliss.
We focus on non-verbal free flow movement, without any distractions and judgment.
Together we will create a space where we can explore the sense of freedom, in your body and in your mind. We invite you to come as you are and allow yourself to be as you are, without expectations.
Key elements of this space are:
Free movement, flow and expression
No expectations
Non-verbal space (expression through sounds are welcome and encouraged)
No phones
Comfortable clothes to move and sweat
Snacks to share before we say goodnight

The Menu:
Deep Tribalism
Modern science of neurology shares a perspective of us being deeply connected with living in tribes. So our emotional cortex is still relating to a psychological world, as if survival depended on a small tribe. As we today have become citizens of the world through globalization and industrialization we might feel a lack of coherence, meaning and connection in our daily lives. One of the core experiences we miss today - is fighting for survival, leaving our comfort zone.
This musical dance meditation is a journey inviting you to leave the comfort zone and extend your being. We are entering into a tribal war dance of endurability, power, cataclysmic depth and beautiful sounds from around the world. It’s a story reminiscing our unforgettable past and relationship with nature.
Reference set:

The Artist:
Taking roots in the wilderness of nature, Ishtadi mix the organic with contemporary electronic beats, bass, midis and samples. In an ever changing, open dialogue with the moment he manages to combine genres and styles enticing one into presence. Creating unique intertwining soundscapes and stories, he brings us to our human roots, awakening us to our senses, releasing into the currents of free sound and movement.
With field recordings, sourced on his journeys around the world, he brings the presence of nature into powerful dance mixes, creating a unique symbiosis of nature and music.
Today Ishtadi expresses himself in his Nada Yoga “Sound Yoga” work through producing, improvising and DJing music to ceremonies, parties and concerts, as well as in different projects within the realms of wellness, dance and relaxation. His work is directed towards creating bridges between music and movement cultures through workshops, parties, cacao ceremonies, authentic relating, and multicultural festivals.
At the age of 18 Ishtadi became a founder, organizer, street artist and DJ for the artist collective "Lydkammerat”, organizing pop-up events, concerts, parties and the festivals Flerdagsdrøm 2015/2017. Today he is a founder of VibroAcoustics, Nature Tales, and a co-founder of Cacao Copenhagen and Ecstatic Dance Copenhagen.
He is a Producer, DJ, musician, sound therapist, stress coach, relaxation, meditation, yoga and children’s yoga teacher, under the sanskrit name Ishtadi – Purification of Senses.

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VibroAcoustics combine vibrotactile subsonic frequencies felt lying on our Bass Floors paired with our carefully designed electronic musical compositions, tailored to ease the listener into a state of well-being. VibroAcoustics experiences range from therapy, yoga, sound massages, meditations to intimate immersive concerts and more.
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