Moscow Foreigners Party (FREE)

Fri Sep 24 2021 at 07:00 pm to 11:59 pm UTC+03:00

Duma Bar&Kitchen | Moscow

Moscow Foreigners Party (FREE) You are welcome to our FREE party held by Moscow Weekly International Meetings in which is going to participate the most multinational community to the one place for the meeting!
People at our events are nice and communicative. If you don't know anybody - come, tell "hi" and join the conversation.
The main idea of our event is to socialize, meet new people and make new connections.
Google maps:
Yandex maps:
There will be a mandatory password (MOSCOW FOREIGNERS) that will work all night for our audience.
How to participate:
1) Sign up "Going";
2) Share this event at your FB page - you might be checked at the entrance;
3) Invite your the best friends - easy for you and helpful for us;
4) Come for the party and show to the hostess shared by you the event on FaceBook and tell the password “MOSCOW FOREIGNERS”, she will show you our place.
Did you know? To get updated about future events, you have to follow the link down below.
WhatsApp group:
Waiting for you)

Event Venue & Nearby Stays

Duma Bar&Kitchen, ул. Моховая, 11, стр. 3, Moscow, Russia, 125009, Moscow, Russia

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