Morally Grey Masquerade

Sun Apr 28 2024 at 09:00 am to 09:00 pm

Lotus House Events | Las Vegas

Book Bound Events
Publisher/HostBook Bound Events
Morally Grey Masquerade Welcome to the Morally Grey Masquerade Ball, a decadent affair unlike any other. Step into a world where shadows dance with light, where secrets linger in every corner, and where the line between right and wrong blurs into obscurity.
Your journey begins the morning of April 28th, with a quest for Persephone's tokens, scattered throughout the opulent halls of Caesar's Palace in a tantalizing social media scavenger hunt. These tokens are your key to the underworld, where Hades and Persephone eagerly await your arrival.
Once you secure the tokens, you'll be granted entry into the mysterious Lotus House casino, at 5-6pm where the night truly begins. Immerse yourself in the thrill of casino games, vie for coveted giveaways, and savor refreshments and themed cocktails or mocktails that tantalize the senses.
Underneath the moon's watchful gaze, you'll dance the night away, lost in the allure of the underworld's embrace. Hades and Persephone have extended their invitation to some of their favorite morally grey characters, ensuring an evening filled with intrigue and enchantment.
For our esteemed Inner Circle members, exclusive perks await. Enjoy a special meet and greet with these enigmatic characters, capture memories with a professional photo session, and take home a treasure trove of underworld delights, including a bespoke tote bag filled with tantalizing goodies.
But the delights don't end there. As a guest of the Morally Grey Masquerade Ball, you'll gain access to the exclusive Book Bound Book Club, a community of over 250+ members indulging in thought-provoking discussions, book basket exchanges, virtual meetups, and more. Prepare for the event with a detailed travel guide to Las Vegas and learn group dances to add a touch of magic to the night's festivities.
Join us for an evening where morality bends, and indulgence reigns supreme. The Morally Grey Masquerade Ball awaits, where the only escape is into the depths of the underworld's embrace.
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Event Venue

Lotus House Events, 8311 Farm Road,Las Vegas,NV,United States


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