Monthly #FirstFridayFair Business, Data & Tech (Virtual Event) - #DME

Fri Apr 07 2023 at 11:00 am to 02:00 pm UTC+03:00

Virtual Event [Online Only] | Moscow

Analytics Week
Publisher/HostAnalytics Week
Monthly #FirstFridayFair Business, Data & Tech (Virtual Event) - #DME
Attend World's Largest Virtual Career Drive at
About this Event

These Virtual Career Fair Event Happens on First Friday of the Month.. 

To participate:

1. Create an account on [link:]

2. Visit and register your interest

3. Participants then go to #FirstFridayFair JobExpo settings page to complete the profile

4. 2-3 days before the event, JobSeekers participants with the completed profile will be contacted about the possible matches on their profile.

5. On the day of the event, JobSeekers and Recruiters will visit their JobExpo page to participate in #FirstFridayFair JobExpo.

#FirstFridayFair (#FFF) is is World's largest attended career fair with around 170,000 professionals and 7000 recruiting companies. The data science and software development focussed career fair is delivered right at your desktop. No need to travel anywhere, just signup and wait for JobExpo [AI powered career fair] to organize your interactions. We've taken all the inefficiencies from the career fair and added everything that makes career fair a successful event. Just signup and experience the future of hiring delivered via (World's fastest growing AI led career development platform).

Here's the process:

When: Each month event occur on First Friday of the Month (Business, Data, and Technology hiring)

Where: Over platform ( will inform recruiter / job seeker if any match is found, so you will never waste your time in the queue).

Why it Matters?

Best industry hirings are done with the power of networking and reference. using it AI platform uses the power of skill connectivity and identical profile portfolio to connect similar candidates to relevant opportunities. brings relationship and connection back into hiring.


We expect the event to:

1. Create interesting conversations

2. Improve access to local talent and local opportunities

3. Provide a venue to promote effective hiring

4. Connect professionals with other seekers so they could collaborate and improve their search

5. Discover what some of the top businesses are looking for in a talent

6. Educate recruiters and job seekers about top trends and hiring skills that are trendy and rising.

About is an Artificial Intelligence led platform that is building and improving access to top talent, facilitate sustained hiring and create a smart ecosystem that works between top talent and top opportunities to promote long term prospects for businesses and professionals. has already resulted in some of the top hirings in the industry.


Event Venue & Nearby Stays

Virtual Event [Online Only], Virtual Event Only, Moscow, Russia


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