Moderat — Kyiv — KVC Parkovy

Sun Jun 26 2022 at 06:00 pm UTC+03:00 | Slavutich

Moderat \u2014 Kyiv \u2014 KVC Parkovy
Moderat — MORE D4TA
N 50°27’ O 30°30’
Doors: 6.00 PM
Playtime: 8.00 PM
Sometimes music is about numbers sequences. When Modeselektor [Gernot Bronsert + Sebastian Szary] and Apparat [Sascha Ring] decide to become one, it is a trio band called Moderat who is brought into their tuneful world. Good things always come in threes and the result of this brilliant addition is unambiguous: hardly anybody has brought electronic music from Berlin to the farthest flung corners of the world with more passion and enthusiasm than these two heavyweights.
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Event Venue & Nearby Stays, Паркова дорога, 16а,Kyiv, Ukraine, Slavutich, Ukraine


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