Mindfulness in the midst of stress

Sat Jun 10 2023 at 01:00 pm to 06:00 pm

raum 5- Praxis für Körperarbeit | Berlin

Bihter Kartheuser
Publisher/HostBihter Kartheuser
Mindfulness in the midst of stress
What is stress for you and what’s your version of the story?
About this Event

What is stress and how to cope with it? It’s already described in a million different ways and it’s already tried to be solved in a million different ways! But what is stress really for you? Say it relational stress, say it work stress, say it time pressure stress… What is stress for you and what’s your version of the story?

In this workshop we bridge cognitive approach with somatic approach and interactively explore what stress is for you. We look at it at the nervous system level, with the elements of Polyvagal Theory and use mindfulness as a resource.

We want to contribute to the vision of us taking better care of ourselves and learning to do this at a nervous system level. When we take one step towards this vision, we’re one step closer to experiencing healthier and more balanced connections with ourselves and others in our everyday lives, and a healthier society at large.

We are happy to make the next step with you on the way to this vision!


Introduction to mindfulness and trauma aware approach

Stress & Wellbeing at a cognitive and organisational level

Stress & Wellbeing at a somatic level: Polyvagal Theory & Nervous system regulation,

Integration process

Who is the workshop for?

If you have curiosity for the ways in which you can have a more balanced everyday life, you have stress at work, or in your freelance business, stress with children at home or your partner or lovers. If you are looking to regulate your stress or reduce your stress and tap into your everyday flow and creativity instead of stagnation, then this workshop might be for you.

What will you gain from the workshop?

Looking into your story of stress and having a psychological understanding of it, being part of a group process and learning about tools to self-regulate and co-regulate. Understanding your resources and as well cultivating new resources through the lenses of mindfulness and somatic practices. Integrating new understandings and resources into your everyday life and cultivating capacity for stressful situations.

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Massih Hosseini

M.Sc. Industrial Organisational Psychologist, Certified Stress Management & Relaxation Trainer (§ 20 SGB V), Certified Coach & Trainer, Systemic Coach

How can I reach my goals? How do I work efficiently? How do I deal with conflicts? Questions to which psychology has many good insights.

Since the first time I've taken a psychology book in my hands, I asked myself why I did not receive this knowledge earlier. Since that experience, a deep desire has arisen in me to spread this helpful scientific knowledge from psychology into our whole society.

With Bihter and me, knowledge from psychology, mindfulness and the nervous system gets translated into a simple language, with creative and inspiring methods. At the same time, our claim is truly to live according to this knowledge itself and thus authentically present and enable you to experience and understand it yourself.

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Bihter Kartheuser

M.Sc. Sociologist, Certified Mindfulness Coach (ICF), Certified Yoga Instructor (YA), Trainee of NeuroSystemics (USABP)

I’m a passionate meditation practitioner and a student of 15 years. I’m identified as a nomad, following my curiosity for life and creating a home feeling wherever I go. I follow Advaita (Non-Duality) approach as well as the modern mindfulness approach of Oxford University. Besides being a sociologist, I’m a yoga & meditation instructor and a mindfulness coach.

Parallel to my academic studies in sociology, I completed more than 500h of yoga trainings, mindfulness coaching training, biomechanics and I’m at the moment training to become a trauma therapist, with NeuroSystemics, which I describe as an outstanding approach that challenges classic psychology approaches and plays a major role in the paradigm shift of how we perceive ourselves, perceive the world around us.

I believe that connecting with the self, sensing, sense making and acting from that point of wellbeing could potentially shift the ways we interact with each other and the society at large..


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raum 5- Praxis für Körperarbeit, Mahlower Straße 5, Berlin, Germany


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