Mindfulness Holiday Camp (Age 7 – 15)

Mon Sep 05 2022 at 09:00 am to Thu Sep 08 2022 at 04:30 pm

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Mindfulness Holiday Camp (Age 7 \u2013 15)
September Mindfulness 4 in 1 Holiday Camp
About this Event

Our camp consists of FOUR fun activities to learn values and build character.

  1. Aerial Yoga
  2. Kids Yoga
  3. Mindful Eating
  4. Mindfulness practice


  • An Inversion is a great tool for self-regulation of the central nervous system
  • Fun and therapeutic environment to flip, rock and swing to improve body and spatial awareness
  • Upside down with the help of gravity aligns and decompress the spine, promotes blood circulation and a calming sensory to the brain
  • Movements in different orientations and directions help develop a strong sense of balance; train the brain’s focus, motor planning and working memory
  • Up in the air enhanced self-confidence, responsibility and require good observation and listening skills to move in and out of different poses

Values we learn with the aerial hammock

✅ Stability before mobility: ground ourselves with the mindful breath, listening, and observation before moving to the next task (the hammock is sensitive to movement, and it’s great to help children center themselves)

✅ Growth Mindset: accept that everyone is at a different pace, yet there is always room for improvement (we focus on ourselves, this is our own journey)

✅ Slow and Steady: enhance controlled movement, not speed (the more the hammock sway around the harder it is to practice the poses gracefully. Learning to use core strength, not just momentum)

✅ Resilience: embrace dedication and effort, the ability to keep moving forward one step at a time. Keep trying! (The power of yet)


Today’s fast-paced society tempts people with an abundance of food choices and technology is a distraction, shifting our attention away from the actual act of eating. Eating becomes a mindless act, often done quickly. This can be problematic since it takes our brain up to 20 minutes to realize we are full.

By eating mindfully, we restore our attention and slow down, making eating an intentional act instead of an automatic one.

  • Allowing children to explore the process of making their own food, experiencing the different cuisines (Western and Asian) and be willing to try food that is within and out of their comfort zone
  • Aim to intrigue their curiosity, it is okay for them to verbalise their preference yet the goal is to be willing to try different things
  • Learning to make their own food with our prepared ingredients. If your child has a strict diet or allergies, please notify us during the registration. Alternatively, bring your own lunch.
  • Slow down and enjoy the act of eating
  • Engaging our senses by noticing colours, smells, sounds, textures and flavours
  • Noticing the effects food has on our feelings and emotions
  • Appreciating food
  • Connecting food with the circle of life. Understand how and what we eat affects the world.


✅ Get to know MY BODY – Mindful of our body

Learn about different body parts and our superpower breath.

Understand our body is all different and very smart. When we do something new, we are introducing changes to both the body and mind. What happens when there is a change, we might like it, we might not and the most important thing is we don’t judge. We allow time for the body and mind to experience the changes. We allow time for the body to thrive and adapt.

How can we help? Rest & stretch.

✅ Get to know MY MIND – Silent Yoga & promote creativity

Understanding our brain is super smart, alert us when there is a danger to protect us or inform us something is super fun, and let’s do it quickly. Who is even smarter than our brain? You – the combination of your brain, breath, and heart.

  • How to overcome fear? Deep breath in and out. Understand the steps needed to do the challenge, try and ask for help
  • How to calm the excited mind? Sometimes when asked to do something, we think it is so easy and we are excited, we laugh, we talk and we lose our breath and attention. We can be excited yet mindful. Being mindful keeps us aware. When we are aware, we are safe because we can pay attention

✅ Get to know MY LIFE – Mindful Living

Understand that we all have superpowers to help achieve what we want if we get to know ourselves and the people around us better. The first step is to slow down and take our superpower breath.

  • Mindful Body – Recap of the 10 steps of sun salutation A and variations of the poses
  • Mindful Mind – Rest, Rejuvenate & Refocus

✅ Deepen yoga & meditation practice

Understand how to deepen our practice. More time to discuss the connection in our body, thoughts that are arising from our meditation practice, and more importantly how will we overcome it.

  • Mindful Body – Opportunity to lead and teach a pose or even a short sequence
  • Mindful Connection – Understand the body parts and the connection of their body parts. Learn how simple yoga poses develop into more advanced arm balances and inversions
  • Mindful Mind – Rest, Rejuvenate & Refocus. Learn simple meditation and relaxation techniques

Dates for Mindfulness 4 in 1 camp

Sep 5 – 6 (age 7 – 12)

Sep 7 – 8 (age 10 – 15)

2 days

5 hours per day (9 – 2pm)

Lunch Provided

Day 1:Japanese omelette fried rice, fruits, and yogurt

Day 2: Chicken Yakiniku with rice and sauteed vegetables, fruits and yogurt

If your child has food allergies or dietary requirements, you can pack your own lunch.


Single Price: $270 per child

Buddy Price (2 or more children): $250 per child

*Rates inclusive of lunch

*Minimum 5 pax to commence, Maximum 10 pax per camp


September Intermediate Aerial Holiday Camp

Intermediate level inversions, flips, flow and drops. These advanced techniques requires students to have good body awareness, agility, coordination, control and comfortable with the hammock tightness and tension with the body.

Dates for Intermediate Aerial Holiday Camp

Sep 8 – 9 (age 7 – 15)

Duration: 2 hours per day (2:30 – 4:30pm)

: $240 per child

*Minimum 5 pax to commence, Maximum 10 pax per camp


competent and confident with basic aerial skills (eg: attended our weekly class or previous camps)


  • This ticket is non-refundable unless it cannot be commenced.
  • In the event, you can no longer attend the camp, please find a replacement or check in if we have a waiting list.
  • By signing up for this event, you agree to be contacted for future events.
  • Private camp request available with 5 – 10 pax, enquire via WhatsApp 9783 7313

FB: @MindfulSpaceSg

Insta: #mindful_space_

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