Mind ReMapping - Quantum Identities & the Gateway Process - ONLINE-Moscow

Thu May 25 2023 at 07:00 pm to Sun Dec 08 2024 at 10:00 pm UTC+01:00

Moscow | Moscow

Gavin Gooden
Publisher/HostGavin Gooden
Mind ReMapping - Quantum Identities  & the Gateway Process - ONLINE-Moscow
The MIND ReMapping Philosophy: "Be so Creatively removed from reality, that the Mind has no choice, but to come out of hiding…."
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“Seek ye first the kingdom beyond the Mind, above everything else, because reality is the Influence and the Will of TIME.”

Mind ReMapping is a discipline for those willing to travel along roads less taken. These paths for the most part are impossible, but as untouched real estate of Time its streets are paved with GOLD.

These are the UNIVERSAL (united-verse) rules should you wish to enter the INVERSE (meta-verse) of the MIND:

1. Life is a class so make sure your Mind is in full attendance.

2. Lack of money is sometimes a good thing, it draws out fundamental weaknesses in character that until revealed, is hidden behind illusions of accepted success.

3. You must observe the worst versions of yourself, to know the authentic person you want to become. This is how we find humility.

4. People don’t really follow fame and status, it is examples of leadership which people admire.

5. To be a leader you have to be willing to be the first, braving storms in the face of rejection and mockery so that they can see who to follow when the North Star of TIME appears over the horizon.

6. The Mind is both a language and a figment of Imagination & TIME.

7. What we call the Mind is both a Black & White hole, this means heaven and hell are the same location but Time is what changes their meaning.

8. Every Mind is a synthesis of TIME, meaning we are Meta Physically coded.

9. Time has more than 1 directional path, it has 129600 permutations every second. This is why Imagination is more important than logic.

10. TIME is the ONLY currency that matters, we all have the same 24 hrs, and this is as fair as life gets, but those who are creative, can distort and stretch Time in new directions.

11. We presume that we use earth’s natural resources to sustain our lives, where in fact, the earth and its resources, use us. The Mind is a LOOP, simply giving the impression of Thinking, as illusions of choice, whereas nature doesn’t need to think because it is intuitive.

12. Thinking and Thought are life tests. They are discernments given by Consciousness deciding which species it wants to keep and which to disregard, so keep your creativity sharp.

13. Every periodical element existed before us, thus, they carry ancestral knowledge within molecules of time, including the molecules in our physical bodies. These are the Akashic Records.

14. Fundamentally, we all have 2 personalities, the external, we think is the internal, and the internal which we think is external. You have been Inverted, believing prospects of Good and Evil are conflicts, but they are the same.

15. Synthesised Minds are programmed to be counter intuitive/instinctive.

16. Fear is not a weakness, but fear are instinctive strengths emanating from the navel region of the body.

17. Neither fighting nor fleeing fear is appropriate, instead, we are supposed to yield or wield fear.

18. What we call the Mind, are Imaginative Mirrors of Perception, reflecting TIME of the Past, Present & Future that run concurrently.

19. We share the same natural resources that once sustained every great Mind that has ever lived, located in you as TIME.

20. You have the makings of an original Mind. We have already had a Tesla, Musk, Eistein, Beethoven, Hendrix etc. Copying, mimicking or cloning ideas are for those without IMAGINATION.

These are a few of the infinite discoveries of Mind ReMapping because knowledge has no end, but first you have to Invert and orientate your Mind the right way up.

REGISTER TODAY and ensure your participation in one or all of the following Mind ReMapping gateway events scheduled for the end of this month:

Kind Regards.

Mind ReMapping.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

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