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Gavin  Gooden
Publisher/HostGavin Gooden
The MIND ReMapping Philosophy: "Be so Creatively removed from reality, that the Mind has no choice, but to come out of hiding…."
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“…Seek ye first, the kingdom of the Mind, because life, if nothing else, is ultimately games of Will & Influence…”

A MIND WITHOUT IDENTITY is worth its weight in gold. Your mind controls invaluable resources, hidden in Time. And if at all, we can unite our thoughts to a single idea that perpetuates joys out of Life, our minds will guide us to the people we want to be.

Your mind is and will forever remain the most powerful technology in human existence, but minds which willingly work collectively, are separated by the individual challenges of living, but our first priority, and thus our greatest achievement, is to influence and support one another’s success.

We have unity in some of our beliefs, but sometimes their differences can diminish valuable connections between our minds. We don’t realise our same differences are from one underlying and overriding influence of time we don’t see. A design of enlightenment through resolves in thinking as a test to find harmony, instead of conflicts in our differences, shining light towards many hidden roads which ultimately lead to the same destination.

If the rest of the natural world can find harmony, why in our minds do we struggle? Because the INFLUENCE over IMAGINATION is a truly powerful WILL. So, what do you suppose happens in imagination to a “MIND WITHOUT IDENTITY?”

There are many disciplines offering guidance to this, but ultimately the mind must journey along paths of self-realisation. This journey strips us bare of identity, revealing the Genesis of who we all are under the many disguises of personality, at locations of Time, far beyond the securities of the egos to which we have become so accustomed.

Resources of the mind have depths which open time, and there, we can learn to let go, because, often, what we think we know is actually a lesson in what we don’t know of ourselves. Thus, to influence a personal relationship with the mind, it will take us down to what feels like its darkest places.

Down in the deepest recesses of time, there is no reference to knowledge, only consciousness.

There is no reference to any identity other than the purities of Will, and the Influence of Time, where our accomplishments in this world, bear no significance. If we are able to reach the bottom of our senses, the all-encompassing mind will offer very clear choices, which is to either live, or give up, and this is why your mind is important, because choice is the Universal Binary that perpetuates Life.

If we choose acceptance of life, we are Inverted to the other side of time, which for a person who is ready, is to observe the infinite symphonies of life, but for those who are not, the transition will feel like death. Through my inversion of time, I was shown that beliefs are frequencies.

The frequency of our beliefs represents the many planets which orbit the Genesis of a Sun in any galaxy, which is the mind mirroring you as the world. Our true destiny is time, and through times many depths we are meant to use imagination to venture out, far across locations beyond this self-identity, and orientate time amongst the cosmos of hidden consciousness where inspiration awaits in the void, so we need to be strong.

I am of the mind that our consciousness in this reality is nearing an era of unfavourable changes at the mercy of a technological age, that moves too fast.

We are struggling to manage continuums of TIME within our minds, which are far vaster than the path of Time we believe is reality, that the pursuit of our Dreams become distant illusions we barely remember.

So to fill the voids in imagination, we instead, create magnificent technologies that capture our attention which rapidly jump from one overstimulating scenario to the next, with no accounting or accordance of higher Time.

A simple “Hello, how are you?” changes the frequency of the mind into positive feelings which can connect with other genuine Minds on a very deep level.

Technology cannot do this, but our Minds can organically create unique connections in properties of real TIME which can be healthy, instead of the synthesis that technology augments.

Suffering with self-deception, expressed in unkind behaviours, is NOT YOU, it is the Mind showing us the symptoms of our time. Time that strays us off paths, leading us away from the Genesis of who we are, resonating as guilt.

Our Minds are so advanced and connected to higher properties in Time, that collectively the universal MIND shows us worlds of human consciousness at its worst. This stimulates Imagination for us to search through Time to find who we are supposed to become, using negative examples played out in others, or in ourselves.

These pathways of Time are called, “The Imaginations Mirrors of Perception”.

However, we are all connected to a Genesis that is too strong to be diminished, even when our Minds show us realities as examples of hell.

I am building an open platform for people, whose GPS navigates Time through the wrong pathways in life.

A platform solely for the purpose of building our Creativity and Imagination, which ultimately reorientates the mind to the right timelines through CONSCIOUSNESS (pitching), where everyone can talk freely about what they have learnt here in this timeline, and to explore the new directions they want their minds to take them.

It is called the Cognitive Positioning System, which is the discipline of 4 Dimensions of Thinking (Quadrilateral), that reside outside of this Timeline of reality.

These locations are safe spaces in Time where only Minds meet and rebalance themselves before returning back to this frequency of existence.

When you register, I will share wonderful things I have learnt about the mind, which I hope inspires you to join us, including sharing the fundamental wonders to the secret of 3 6 & 9.

3 6 & 9 is a correspondence which when pitched through vibrations of Time alters your Thinking Operating Frequency, influencing ElectroMagnetic fields of the mind, through which we see and create reality.

This platform is called Mind ReMapping, and we need people from every background to bring about a new collective of Consciousness.

Your contributions to either the Orientation or Mind Inversion Classes, are funds which will maintain the ongoing development of a Spherical Clock which influences Time, from which you as members can benefit, so please invite as many people as you can.

Meetings are scheduled every day.

Thank you for your patience and for reading this page.

Mind ReMapping



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