Men of the Sacred Moon

Sun Oct 17 2021 at 07:30 pm to 09:30 pm

Mahara Holistic Lifestyle | Amsterdam

Mahara Holistic Lifestyle
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Men of the Sacred Moon
Many men in western culture often feel lost, and uncertain of what it
means to be masculine in the modern world. Men are often given
confusing and contradictory advice that destroys their masculine
identity. The 8 Rules of a Real Man is a spiritual guide to help you
rediscover the core characteristics of authentic masculinity, created by
Arun, writer, philosopher, and teacher of Tai Chi and Yoga for 20
years. These core characteristics of masculinity can help you become
a strong man, a successful man, a healthy and motivated man, with
the energy and ideals to passionately pursue and realise your
ambitions and dreams.
Join Arun on the October Full Moon and discover the forgotten
secrets of masculinity. The moon is often regarded as feminine in its
nature and energy, yet in many of the world’s most spiritually
conscious cultures the moon is also regarded as masculine in its
presence and manifestation.
In India the masculine god of the moon is Chandra, in ancient Egypt
the god of the moon was Khonsu, for the Aztecs it was Tecciztecatl,
for the Native American Pawnee it is Pah, for the Inuit (First Nation
of Canada) it is Igaluk, and in pre-Islamic Arabia the god of the moon
was Al-Lat. In Scandinavia, the Norse tradition regards Mani as the
moon god. This is just a drop in the ocean of masculine knowledge
that has been forgotten and weakened western men. Now is the time
for that knowledge to be reclaimed.
Reclaim your masculine energy with your brotherhood on the Full
Moon. Learn how to manage your relationships, explore mens’ health
and how to take care of your physical, mental and emotional
wellbeing. We will begin with a short guided meditation, then go on
to reveal the negative New Age conditioning that is affecting men
everywhere, and how it can be countered with the positivity of The 8
Rules of a Real Man. With the use of these new tools, you can find
your purpose in this life, and fulfil your potential as a modern man in
a changing world.
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