Meet & Greet with The Turning Point Songwriter & Author Robert L Jamison

Sat Apr 20 2024 at 12:30 pm to 04:30 pm

6526 Crenshaw Blvd | Los Angeles

Meet & Greet with The Turning Point Songwriter & Author Robert L Jamison
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The book titled The Turning Point Giving First Time Low-level Felony Offenders a Second Chance is based on an incarceration story of Robert L Jamison, who also serves as an executive producer on his featured film titled "Surviving Tough Times" Robert L Jamison is married to Verdiana Jamison, he's a Father of four children, Author, Playwright, Songwriter, a Prominent healthcare provider and clinic owner in Los Angeles, CA and Beverly Hills CA
Based on the true story of Robert L Jamison, Robert follows the journey of a successful entrepreneur and had an impeccable medical career, who signed a contract agreement with out reading over it simply because he trusted a man only to find out he isn’t the business man who he seems to be. When Robert learns that his friend Greg Giainey sent him a training site contract to teach CPR as a CPR Instructor. However, the curriculum Greg sent Robert was to teach people to become CPR instructors and to teach CPR classes. Not to mention that, the terms of the contract agreement were out of Robert scope of practice because his company was not an authorized training center and based on the terminology written in the agreement that noted Robert's company is a training site. Not training center.
For 49 years Robert never had a run in with law or been incarcerated, in a tragic turn of events, after numerous charges was dropped Robert receives an outrageous 4 years sentence for his own business decisions—placing him in the middle of a "crime" and suffering the consequences for another man's action and deceptive business practices.
Never losing hope, Numerous Charges were dropped, and Robert entered into a Plea bargain for a 4 years Probation terms. Subsequently, Robert surrendered his freedom to get off probation and was later sentenced to a 14-month confinement to Shelby County Department of Corrections Penal Farms in Memphis TN I am constantly reminded of people dear to my heart who fight to remain hopeful that one day they will meet freedom at the gate and walk out of Pr*son, too. Because their other option is to lose hope and believe that they will die in Pr*son.
My question to all the First Step Act supporters is, will this legislation help them? Tears roll down my face thinking of them and their families over the holidays. I guess those of us who have been in the system and their families are the only ones who understand this heartache
About The Turning Point: Giving First Time Low-level Felony Offenders a Second Chance
In this long-awaited memoir, Robert L. Jamison shares his dramatic story, as it has never been told. The Turning Point: Giving First Time Low-level Felony Offenders a Second Chance how he went from a successful medical career in surgery and business owner and domestic violence victim to state prisoner at the penal farms aka Shelby County Department of Correction Located in Memphis TN. Robert shares his story of how making poor choices blinded by deception and devotion can have long-term consequences.
March 3, 2011 is a day that I always wake up giving God the glory for what he has done. Late afternoon, 13 years ago, I walked out of Shelby County Department of Corrections with mixed emotions. I was happy and sad at the same time. I remember walking in a daze and overwhelmed with the thought of, after everyone’s outcry and support for my freedom, that God had finally answered my prayers.
For the past 13, years I’ve struggled with knowing that there are some men and women who haven’t received their freedom and I’ve struggled with some of the things I’ve seen occurring in our world that is heartbreaking. Overall, I’ve come to the conclusion that I won’t ever understand the whys, but it is a part of my calling not to ever dismiss my emotions and passion to keep being a light.
I encourage everyone to stay faithful and strong in the midst of the storm, and as my mom and grandfather would say, “this too shall pass.” Now 14 years later since the story broke, I thank GOD for restoration and an abundant life.I acknowledge that I made poor decisions in trusting people who I assumed were my friends that led me down a self-destructive path, landed me in statel Pr*son, and could have also culminated in my death.
However, I walked out of SCDC after serving 14 months seeking redemption not only for myself but for the ones I left behind in Pr*son. I have survivor’s guilt and believe that no other first-time low-level offenders should be sitting in Pr*son with a LIFE sentence, especially if they didn’t M**der anyone. I am grateful to God for giving me a second chance when, in fact, all of my critics still don't know how I am still standing. Nobody but God!
Since coming home, I’ve had the opportunity to create beautiful memories with my mother before she passed away on September 6, 20212. I’ve become a national and international public speaker, domestic violence spokesperson, and criminal justice advocate. I’ve chosen to be committed to sharing my story as an educational tool for young people so they can make healthier choices. As a person affected by the criminal justice system, I have to continue to be the voice that can humanize the issues in the fight for change in criminal justice policy.
Although everyone tells me that I’m doing a wonderful job and how much of a difference my voice makes, I often struggle to accept the fact that I don’t live a normal life. I’m not complaining because I know where I could be. If it were not for public speaking, my career opportunities would be limited due to my felony conviction. Therefore, I am grateful for this platform.
Everyone makes mistakes in their lives, and having a felony record does not have to be the end of the world. Many convicted felons go back to school and complete a college degree. The only type of conviction that bars individuals from obtaining federal financial aid is drug convictions. Many employers except for banks still hire convicted felons as long as remorse and rehabilitation are shown. Again, a felony conviction can be the end of your life only if you let it. This situation would take some time before I even began to see where things landed. At the time I wrote my book I had limited income and financial support but I survived the storm and I overcame the battle by winning this fight if you believe in what I am doing and you see how this would benefit all human beings not only in Tennessee but everywhere and how that in turn benefit you please consider reaching out
Speaking Inquiry
Dr. Robert L. Jamison speaks nationally and internationally about the devastating social, economic, and political consequences of current criminal justice policies. He has spoken at a variety of events, sharing his traumatic real-life experience encouraging the youth to listen in hopes that they will recognize that there are consequences to their life choices.
He is a popular speaker looking to speak at community events, high schools, juvenile facilities, churches, and national conferences. He has received numerous awards and recognitions for his courage and determination to educate the public about the devastating consequences of current criminal justice policies and for his commitment to serving young people.
Robert believes in sharing his story as an educational tool to prevent other youth from going down a similar path. Ultimately, Robert knows that there is a lesson in each experience in life, and he has embraced his experience, learned from it, and is now using that experience to teach others.
He has also spoken with grassroots organizations at the Celebrity Center in Hollywood, CA, at The Way to Happiness Foundation, a non religious institution, and many other venues.
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Dr. Robert L. Jamison is available for speaking engagements.If you would like to schedule Dr. Jamison, as a speaker at your next event or conference, please contact me at the number below.
Robert L Jamison (213) 258-5112

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