Manchester IV 2022

Sat Feb 12 2022 at 08:45 am to Sun Feb 13 2022 at 07:00 pm UTC+00:00

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Manchester Debating Union - MDU
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Manchester IV 2022
The Manchester IV is back! We will run a British Parliamentary debate tournament consisting of 5 rounds of 7-minute speeches with a break to Semifinals, with ESL, Pro-Am, or Novice out-rounds subject to enough eligible participants competing.
Team cap: 48 (may go up)
Reg fee: £35 per team.
Platform: Zoom and Discord.
Format: British Parliamentary (BP), 7 minute speeches.
CAs: Tamar Ben Meir, Katharina Margareta Jansen, Lovro Šprem.
DCAs. Alice Bertoni, Matthew Conley-Evans.
Tab: Miruna Chirila.
Equity: Linsey Keur, Laura Hallmark.
Team form:
Judge form:
Valentine Service:
Payment Manifesto:
All times are in UTC+0 (UK time).
Saturday, 12th of February:
8:45-9:00 — Check-in (15m).
9:00-09:30 — Announcements (30m).
9:30-11:50 — Round 1 (2h20m).
11:50-14:10 — Round 2 (2h20m).
14:10-15:00 — Lunch (50m).
15:00-17:20 — Round 3 (2h20m).
17:20-19:20 — Round 4, closed round (2h).
Sunday, 13th of February:
8:45-9:00 — Check-in (15m).
9:00-9:10 – Announcements (10min).
9:10-11:10 — Round 5, closed round (2h).
11:10-12:00 — Lunch (50m).
12:00-12:15 — Break announcements (15m).
12:15-14:30 — Semifinals (2h15min).
14:30-17:00 — Final and Closing Ceremony (2h30m).
16:45-19:00 — Hypothetical out-round if, e.g., we expand the team cap and thus break.
Click going/interested to stay updated on the competition. If you have any questions, please contact the IV Convenors, via email ([email protected]) or messenger. Alternatively, you can send a message to the MDU Facebook page, and it'll be picked up there.

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