Mana - Breath work, Spinal Energetics & Sound/ ADELAIDE /25TH FEB

Sun Feb 25 2024 at 02:00 pm to 05:00 pm

TBA | Adelaide

Jamie Patara - Energy Alchemy
Publisher/HostJamie Patara - Energy Alchemy
Mana - Breath work, Spinal Energetics  & Sound\/ ADELAIDE \/25TH FEB
Welcome to Mana!

A 3 hour blissful event where we will journey through the power of breath work, sound healing & spinal energetics!
About this Event

Kia Ora Beautiful souls!

Welcome to Mana!

A journey into spirit guided by soul brought to you by Tracy Bee & Jamie Patara

Our Maori linage speaks of Mana as the spiritual life force energy that permeates the universe, anyone or anything can have mana and we believe it to be the cultivation or possession of energy and power, rather than being a source of power. It is an intentional force.

In this beautiful 3 hour blissful event we will be weaving the power and magic of Spinal Energetics, Breath work & Sound into a potent experience that will leave you feeling soul nourished and lighter as you leave.

What is Spinal Energetics?

Spinal Energetics has been designed to help you move trauma from the body. It is your divinity to live a joyful more fulling life. Spinal Energetics reminds you of this. By unwinding tension and stickiness within the physical and emotional fields caused by trauma Spinal Energetics will bring your nervous system into a state of balance and calm. Gifting you a deeper connection to your most authentic soul self. Imagine a life where you can finally be free of stagnant beliefs you have taken on, releasing the trauma you have not completed, expelling pain from the body and becoming a state of flexibility and mobility. Spinal Energetics is a gateway to your truest energetic self. What a true gift to the world that would be.

What is Sound healing?

Sound is more than we know as just sound. Sound is a human construct, one that would not exist without us. Therefore we need to understand that sound is vibration and frequency, some of the very elements of the fabric of the universe. When we talk about ourselves on a cellular level and how vibration and frequency can push and pull those cells which contain emotions in all sorts of directions, we can then begin to understand how powerful sound can be for us and our healing when harnessed in particular ways and how it is so powerful in bringing us back in alignment within our bodies! We have all seen the science of cymatics and what sound and vibration does to water and the patterns it creates, how it pushes and pulls it. Now think about the human body and what we are made of and how it works exactly the same that frequency and vibration shift our cells on a quantum level creating an environment where we can explore ourselves on a healing level that has widely been forgotten about and dormant for many decades. Through an array of instruments such as hand pan, Native American flute, Crystal singing bowls and crystal harp alongside a shamanic looping journey we will bring resonance and coherence back into your body with very special tones and frequencies.

What is Breath Work?

Breathwork is the practice of intentional breathing through various modalities in a very systematic way.We can use breathwork for an array of reasons like relaxation, resetting the nervous system, work through our stress and trauma, enhance creativity, promote better sleep and reduce stress. We all carry memory and particular properties in each and every one of our cells in our body. These cells carrying the variety of energetics can lay dormant and forgotten for years, even decades. However through the power of our very own breath we can tap into ourselves on an actual cellular level and explore whatever it is we need through this process.

"With breathwork, the desired path is one where we get to meet ourselves: forging forward and achieving a greater sense of who we are and self-navigating our own healing. By doing so we can be granted access to suppressed emotion and hidden trauma in the body — often trapped deep within our cells. Thus, allowing us the beautiful opportunity to cleanse ourselves not only physically, but mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Each person is different, and your body and journey is a chronicle of this. Meaning experiences with breathwork will be as individual as we all are different. The principal element which underpins all of this — and naturally our everyday existence — is the strength and indisputability of our intention."

A little bit about your hosts/facilitators -

JAMIE PATARA from Energy Alchemy is all about connection to higher self and remembering who and what we truly are and what we are all here in this timeline to do. Sound exploration is an amazing tool in which to activate ourselves in this remembering and guide us on the path back home to ourselves through connection to higher self. Through an array or tools and instruments Jamie loops and creates sounds to replicate environmental elemental sounds to ground us back deeper into Pachamama where many of the answers we seek can be found.

TRACY BEE ~ Spinal Energetics Practitioner

Inspired to serve humanity the kindest tools to embody being a beautiful radiant human being with courage and joy.

Utilising Spinal Energetics Tracy Bee is experienced in moving trauma from the body and regulating the nervous systems so life can be lived with more congruency and alignment. Bi product of this experience, kindness, compassion, care, calm, acceptance and unconditional love.

We are so excited to connect and bring you this incredible event

You will receive any email upon booking on what to bring to the event and how to prepare.

Much Aroha Jamie & Tracy
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