Mamma Mia, Eritrea! | Weekend in Asmara + Massawa, Eritrea

Sat Dec 17 2022 at 01:00 am to Mon Dec 19 2022 at 12:00 pm

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Mamma Mia, Eritrea! | Weekend in Asmara + Massawa, Eritrea
Historically intriguing, culturally compelling and scenically magical, Eritrea remains one of the most interesting countries in Africa that offers challenges and excitement, with a unique blend of natural and cultural highlights.
The country wows us with its awesome scenery, from the quintessentially Abyssinian Highlands – enscarpments, plateaus and soaring peaks – to the deserted beaches of the Red Sea coast. Culturally, Eritrea is a melting pot. YOu may find it underdeveloped, even by African country standards, but it hosts a kaleidoscopic range of ethnic groups. It also features a superb array of archaeological sites that tell volumes of history. The cherry on top is Asmara, Eritrea’s utterly adorable capital and a whimsical Art Deco city.
Despite the tough political and economic landscape and the odd travel restrictions, this country remains one of the most inspiring destinations in Africa. The number of archeological sites in the country which was 45,000 previously has now increased to 80,000... Eritrea ranks second after Egypt in the continent for its rich archeological sites and historical places.
We are coming back for a weekend in Eritrea, bringing lots of love to Africa!
Lets go!
Meeting at Terminal 2 at 01.00 AM for a flight 03.40 AM
After arrival at Asmara International airport and immigration clearance, driving to Massawa through the admired Eritrea’s Green belt that will take us from the highlands to sea level. If the road allows, we will stop by the hot springs famous for medical properties to cure rheumatism. Continuing the journey we will witness the desert plains before reaching the port city of Massawa.
Massawa enjoys a combination of Turkish and Italian Architects, an apparent indication of the Ottoman and Italian colonial history. We ll take a look at old Turkish Palace and the Modern Port built by the Italians at the turn of the 20th Century. More than one thousand years old mosque is still standing nearby, till today. Furthermore we will continue to Gurgusum beach, clean and one of the finest nearby, gateaway to Dahlak archipelago. Overnight in Mussawa hotel.
A return back at an early morning hours from Massawa to Asmara is an enjoyable drive. Starting from sea level you will feel the gradual ascending through the towns of Gahtelai, Dongolo Basso, Dongollo Alto, Ghindae and Nefasit . We will experience three climates in just over two hours drive.
Asmara, the capital of Eritrea is obviously its largest city. Located at an altitude of 2400 meters above sea level it carries significant historical heritage. Built by Italians between the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th Century, city's african and italian crossover remains very significant.
The city accommodates more than 400 art Deco buildings officially recognized by UNESCO and is often referred as Rome of Africa. We will take our time to visit most intriguing locations, such as cathedrals but also tanks graveyard. Overnight in the hotel.
Early morning departure. Back in Dubai at 12.40
Level of difficulty: easy, available for everyone
Activities: sightseeing, trekking subject of governmental approval
Duration: long weekend. You ll need Thursday off.
Accommodation & meals: double sharing hotels, meals included.
Cost: AED 3800 all incl. direct flights.
Specifically excluded:
Visa - to be obtained in consulate prior to travel. We will assist you with process.
RSVP: You need to provide your Whatsapp number and email address for trip details during RSVP, empty fields are removed automatically.
See yah in Eritrea x
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