Luge, Omhouse, Wolff Parkinson White, Adversarial Networks, Julian Selody

Fri Dec 16 2022 at 08:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Citadel + Compagnie | Toronto

Luge, Omhouse, Wolff Parkinson White, Adversarial Networks, Julian Selody
A multifaceted, friendly event featuring inspiring visual art, exciting music & hilarious local comedians.
About this Event


Luge, formed in 2015 out of a Toronto high-school, is in their seventh year of creating irresistible art-punk. Luge uses an elementary instrumental arrangement, bass (Cam Fraser), guitars (Tobias Hart), drum kit (Stu Mein) and keyboards/vocals(Kaiva Gotham) to create a sound that is both noisy and dance-able while retaining elements of punk and jazz.


A group that delivers fresh formulas, contemplative but beachy. The instrumentals’ angular ebb and flow is weaved together with a voice whose gentle nostalgia is comforting like the advice of an old friend who knows you better than you do.


Jochen Rueckert’s electronic music programming alias. Rhythmic complexity, experimental sounds, and harmonic coherence are distinguishing factors.


A 4-piece multi-media project created by Caleb Klager, consisting of modular synthesizer/drum machines (Caleb Klager), keyed synthesizer (Chris Pruden), electric guitar (Luan Phung), and audio-reactive projections (David Lipson).

Borrowing elements of Techno, Noise, Punk, and DnB, performances are completely improvised. The project explores the interdependence of organic and digital improvisation and memory - where choices and consequences made by the performers are catalogued and mediated by the translation and reconfiguration of data. Various aural aspects of the performance such as volume, timbre, pitch, rhythm, or harmony is all data that can be processed to manipulate the projection output - creating an assemblage of gestural and evocative audio-visual environments.

JULIAN SELODY (Debut performance of "For The Birds")

Murmurations imply the birds are trying to tell us something, and softly. Julian tunes into the physical rhythms of this aero-sonic pulse and refracts it by virtue of an uncanny digitality, brass-borne mimicry that’s at once an ode and a reflection. Via layers of removal, bird to human to computer and back again, every performance an improvised endeavour to decode the great avian mystery. What is to be discovered?

featuring stand-up comedy from




also featuring

A showcase of Isaac Roberts' continued visual experiments with video production & editing.


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Citadel + Compagnie, 304 Parliament Street, Toronto, Canada


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