Life’s A Cinema Ball

Sat Sep 25 2021 at 04:00 pm to 11:30 pm UTC-04:00

Casa Ruby | Washington

Legendary Geo 007 & Drake 007
Publisher/HostLegendary Geo 007 & Drake 007
Life\u2019s A Cinema Ball A Night Stars Will Shine Bright, Statements Will Be Made & Legends Will Be Remembered.
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Legendary Geo 007 and Drake 007

Presents: ?Life’s A Cinema ?

?Claim Your Fame Ball ?

✨ Saturday, September 25, 2021 ✨

✨ Doors Open @ 4:30Pm ✨

✨ Lss @ 5:15✨

✨ First Category Will Be Called At 5:45✨

✨ Admission: $10 B4 5:30 $25 After ✨

✨ LOCATION: 7530 Georgia Ave, NW Dc 20012 ✨

? Masters Of Ceremonies: DMV God Mother Lyric Old Navy & Legendary Kevin JZ

? Mix Master Of The Evening: Deejai Delish Arizona

? Judges For The Evening:

- ICON Teddy Gabbana

- Legendary Daijah Valachi

- ICON Corey Von Dutch






-Tag Team Legendary Performance ($300): Green lantern; In a mysterious universe the green lantern corps, an elite defense force of peace and justice has existed for centuries. Tonight in cohesive looks using only the colors green & black, legends bring your elite force, conquer the night & take home the win.

- Tag Team Twist W/ A VF Secret Weapon ($300):

The Incredibles; A Family of undercover superheroe's while living the suburban life, Bob & Helen are forced into action to save the world but have been captured. Tonight your team will come as Dash, Violet & Jack Jack to rescue your parents & save the world.

- Rich Bitch Duo ($500): Cruella; Cruella is one of the most iconic and well known villains remembered red for her unique name, extravagance, & obsession with fur. Cruella is very fashionable, chic & she dresses only in fur which she apparently lives for. Tonight the couples must prepare complimenting looks that will be featured in the "Haus of De'vills" new collection. Don't forget your fur.

- OTA Realness($150): The Matrix; The Matrix is a computer generated dream world designed to keep humans under control. Humas are kept sedated, effectivey living a virtual life. Tonight using the only the colors colors black and silver, bring us a futuristic version of yourself. (Thug vs Prettyboy vs School boy vs Schoolgirl vs Drags vs FQ vs Transman vs Executive)

- OTA Face ($150): The Princess Diaries; Tonight is the Genovia Independence Day Masquerade Ball where you will be making your first appearance as the newly crowned heir to your countries thrown . Tonight bring us that ovah carta in formal wear representing the country of your choice. Show us why you were chosen as the new prince or princess of your country. *Don’t forget your Creative Masquerade Mask and Countries Flag*

-Virgin Performance; The Karate Kid; You've trained for months. Long hours, working through blood, sweat and tears, finally it's your time to shine and demonstrate what you've been taught. Tonight in your Karategi out of all 5 elements, you'll pick one out of a hat and that will be the element you must do in order to get your ten's. Who will reign supreme on this night? ?

- As A House Health Campaign ($500): The pursuit of happiness; This is a wonderful movie about love, dedication, hard work, determination, and eventual triumph, all things we need in our community. In our community STD/STI infections and HIV have reigned supreme for a while. We have gained control but there is still work to be done. Tonight in a team of 5 in your house colors, spread the message about why knowing your status is so important. You must include; Treatment as prevention options, &/or Prep/Pep usage, 3 different locations as to where to seek these services, the health risks when not being treated & specific information about 2 types of STD/STI infections & HIV.

- Kiki's Got Talent ($100): Burlesque vs Dreamgirls vs Grease vs The Wiz vs Cadillac records; The Lip Sync battle - Tonight the judges asked you to prepapre a lip sync performance for the following movies and it's hit songs. We want to see you Sing, Dance & act your way into hollywood. You never know what song choice you will get so brush up on your movies and learn those lyrics. This is a chance for your to LIP SYNC, FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!! GOOD LUCK & DON'T F$*#K IT UP.

- House Labels ($300): The September issue; Tonight showcase your house's merch as a fashionable collection; Be it jackets, jogger sets, shirts, head bands, hats, shoes, etc. How will your house represent it's BRAND in a fashion forward look. You must pick a season in which your collection is for. This is a fashion category so all fashion categories apply. ( Best dressed, Foot, Eye & Bag, Street Wear, Etc).

- BQUIP: Rocky Horror Picture Show; Dr Frank-N-Furter is a self proclaimed Sweet Transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania and the main antagonist. His main goal was to create the perfect man as his own sexual plaything which he does in the form of Rocky Horror. Tonight you are Dr Frank-N-Furter.

- OTA Runway($1000): The Devil Wears Prada; Miranda has chosen to give you a chance only because she see's so much of you in her and so much of her in you. The editors have tasked her with coming up with a unqiue, avant garde look to print on the front page of “KIKI WEEKLY” and a model to showcase it. Tonight in your version of an AVANT GARDE look, serve the runway and land your look on the cover. Don't forget to bring a photo of your inspiration.

- Virgin Runway: Hero movie; After a bite from a genetically altered insect gives you superhuman abilities, you decide to use your powers for good. Tonight bring us a fashionable version of your own superhero. Eat up the runway and take home the victory.

- FF Performance ($200): K*ll Bill; A former assassin know as “The Bride” wakes from a coma four years after her jealous ex-lover bill attempts M**der on her, on her wedding day. Fueled by an insatiable desire for revenge, she vows to get even with every person who contributed to the loss of her unborn child, her entire wedding party & 4 years of her life. Seek revenge & take out your opponents in the colors yellow & black. Don’t forget your toy weapon of choice.

- Sex Siren ($100): Magic Mike vs Players Club; Tonight it's simple, bring us a look in which is drop dead sexy and show us which sex rules Male or Female.

- Sneaker vs Pump: The Avengers; The Avengers are a fictional team of superheroes appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Inspired by one of the marvel characters bring us footwear that is a CUSTOM CREATION.


? Premiere Seating (VIP) ? $130


( 6Tables Available )

- Waters

- Juices

- Cookies

- Cupcakes

- Candy

- 2 Sandwich platters

- Meatballs

- Chicken

- 3 Drink Tickets

- 3 Snack Packs

- 3 Souvenirs

? General Admission Seating ? $75


( 6 Tables Available )

- Waters

- Juices

- Candy

- 1 Sandwich platter

- 1 Drink Tickets

- 2 Snack Packs

- 1 Souvenir

Table purchases will secure 1 judge of legendary/iconic stature for your house. First 7 table purchases will get judging priority as there will only be 7 judges selected for representation. Judges instructions will be given out once table purchases are made. Table purchases will come with a receipt & full money back guarantee if necessary. Please Include Your House Table’s Name When Making Your Purchase Along With The Selected Table Name Or Price.

Payment Methods Accepted: Venmo, Cash-app, Zelle, PayPal, & Apple Cash.


( Only 10 Tickets Available )

- VIP ADMISSION (Skip The Line)

- 1 Hour Open Concessions

- 1 Complimentary Entry Cocktail

- 1 Catered Dinner Plate

? This Event Is A Safe Space For All Participants. Security Will Be Be Enforced As Well. Please Come With Fun In Your Heart & Make The Night Hot ?


Currently 2 Premier Seating Table (V.I.P) have been added making the total count 6 tables, however they have all been sold out. We still have 6 General Admission Tables (Regular Seating) available for purchase. All tables and seating are first come first served and will be sold to whomever decides to purchase being as if it's a ball walker or spectator. Please feel free to reach out via email if you have any question about tables purchases or any further information. We hope to see you at Life's A Cinema Claim your Fame Kiki Ball.

Event Photos
Event Photos
Event Photos

Event Venue

Casa Ruby, 7530 Georgia Avenue Northwest, Washington, United States


USD 10.00 to USD 50.00

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