Learn Vedic Meditation – In-Person Immersion Course

Fri Jul 29 2022 at 06:00 pm to Sun Jul 31 2022 at 06:00 pm

SIMA Space | San Francisco

James Brown
Publisher/HostJames Brown
Learn Vedic Meditation \u2013 In-Person Immersion Course
This 3-day immersion course is a great way to learn this simple, powerful meditation technique. 10 people max for an intimate experience.
About this Event

Learn to mediate in 3 days. Even (and especially) if you don't think you can.

The best meditation technique is the one the works for you. The one that you can learn, and that you can make part of your busy, active life.

Vedic Meditation is an effortless mental technique that’s good for dealing with stress and quieting the mind. So you can be more present for the things that really matter. It’s not a religion and there’s no chanting. You don’t have to sit in uncomfortable positions for really long times. It doesn’t have to be dark or quiet. That’s because Vedic Meditation was designed for multi-tasking people with active minds. People with jobs, relationships, families and stuff. It was called “the householder’s practice,” which means it's not for monks...it's for you.

This Vedic Meditation course is what changed the game for me 13 years ago. I went from being someone who was convinced I couldn't meditate because my mind was too crazy to being a daily meditator. And finding a practice I could do every day up-leveled my experience of life in so many ways. And now it is my great honor to share this practice with you.

If you want to learn more before signing up you can attend one of the upcoming intro workshops (see this collection of events for details) or you can watch our intro video. It's long-ish, but I promise you'll learn a lot :)

– James Brown

“When I took the Vedic course with James I’d been meditating with apps like Headspace for about two years, but something important was missing. Since transitioning my practice to his teachings I’ve experienced a measurable reduction in feelings of exasperation and feel more balanced, present, connected and alive.” – Martin Tobias, CEO, Bulletproof Upgrade Labs

ps: You can more testimonials from people who've taken the course here.


Session 1 - July 29 @ 6 - 8pm – Receive your personalized mantra and the first instructions on how to use it in meditation.

Session 2 - July 30 @ 2 - 5pm - Refine your technique to learn how to meditate easily and effectively without trying to concentrate or control the mind. Learn about how meditation affects the body allowing for the release of stored stress.

Session 3 - July 31 @ 4 - 6pm - How to do from being a meditation dabbler to a daily meditator. Practical tips and tricks to make meditation a daily practice so you can enjoy all the short and long-term benefits that flow from doing so.

If the immersion format doesn't work for you I also offer courses in FLOW Meditation, which is based on this Vedic Course, but over a series of weekly sessions, supplemented by an online course. It's also a great way to learn, and is quite a bit more affordable. See the other events in this collection, or visit the events page on my site.


Vedic Meditation is traditionally offered to small, intimate groups (max 10 people) on a sliding scale. For this course I offer 3 options, and you can choose the one that best suits your current situation. I also offer a couples discount, which allows you to learn with a partner or friend. Contact [email protected] to inquire about the discount. Here are the options for your course fee:

  • Students/Entry Level workers - $599
  • Mid-level professionals - $799
  • Senior-level professionals - $999

(I know...it's expensive. I almost didn't learn because of the cost, but am glad I did. But if you can't get past the cost I do offer other, more accessible options in my online and in-person FLOW Meditation courses.)

  • How to meditate easily and effectively, using a personalized bija mantra.
  • The two big reasons why your mind is so busy, and how to deal with all those thoughts.
  • How to handle noise and other interruptions.
  • How to sit comfortably without straining to hold a position.
  • How meditation impacts the brain and body and allows stress to be released.
  • Practical tips and tricks to make meditation a daily habit.
  • The mental and physical benefits of regular practice.

  • You've dabbled with different techniques and apps, but haven't found a way to make meditation stick.
  • You know meditation is good for you but are a total newbie.
  • You’re worried that your mind is too crazy to meditate…especially now.
  • You have an established practice but are interested in going deeper.
  • You think it would be fun to say "My meditation teacher is James Brown."

  • Retake the course again for free, whenever it's offered, from me or a global network of Vedic Meditation teachers. You will be amazed how much you learn the second (or third) time around.
  • 1-year access to the online FLOW Meditation course, which you can use as a refresher on the technique. ($319 value)
  • Free weekly group meditation / Q&A sessions
  • 16-week follow-up course with helpful tips and reminders
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Direct email support with your teacher

  • Better sleep without pills.
  • More energy and clarity.
  • Less crazy brain chatter.
  • Reduced anxiety and worry.
  • Happier, healthier and more grounded.

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James Brown is one of the world's leading experts on the ancient practice of Vedic Meditation, and the founder of the FLOW Meditation program. After experiencing the benefits of meditation he left his career as a hot-shot advertising Creative Director and embarked on a rigorous, two-year training program of over 2500 hours of instruction under legendary master Maharishi Vyasananda, including an intense 4-month immersion high in the Himalayas. James has taught thousands of people from all walks of life to meditate, and has led courses and workshops in companies across the country, including some of Silicon Valley’s most innovative firms. He lives in San Francisco with his wife, two young sons, and a crazy coonhound-cattle dog mix named Falcon.


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SIMA Space, 2211 Post Street, San Francisco, United States


USD 599.00 to USD 999.00

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