Learn Multiple Strategies From Real Estate Investors - Nashville

Wed Oct 04 2023 at 07:00 pm to 08:30 pm

Nashville | Nashville

Northstar Investment Properties
Publisher/HostNorthstar Investment Properties
Learn Multiple Strategies From Real Estate Investors  - Nashville
Join local seasoned Real Estate Investors as we introduce how to create multiple paths to creating more wealth through Real Estate Investing
About this Event

Richard Saling here. (Pronounced like the boat, spelled like the pirate. *one i.)

Looking to invest in real estate but don’t know how or still a newbie, OR maybe, you're experienced and want to scale and make more money from each deal?

I invite you to this LIVE, Online, Free, information session to meet successful, investors and learn about the 90 courses and 38 industry expert practitioner instructors and what others are doing with this training all over the state and the country, and learn how you can plug in too.

We are growing a local community of educated investors here in Nashville.

At this meeting, get the details of this program and how it can help you reach your desired outcomes.

  • Time Freedom
  • Financial Freedom
  • Lifestyle Freedom

Attend the meeting, and learn how you can plug into the same training program we use to be successful.

Who this is for:

  • Those who are done doing it alone,
  • Those who are ready to take different actions,
  • Those who see value in investing in themselves,
  • Those who have ability to invest in themselves,
  • See value in buying quality training by current industry experts,
  • See value in coaching / mentoring,
  • See value in local and national community support,

If that doesn't describe you, then this is NOT for you. don't bother registering for this meeting.

If you ARE looking to learn about a training program and potentially buy it, if you like what you see, then get registered and attend.

*Attend to see if you qualify for a Free 7 day access to a portion of the courses.


Register NOW!

The event is here: https://shorter.app/zTep4

Select the event and register at the above link.

What is the meeting about?

It is designed to give you a full overview of a training program... the "meat and potatoes" so to speak. I recommend having a pen and paper handy as you will probably have some questions. You will also be given some websites to review to help you do your due diligence and make an informed decision. At that point, if you have any remaining questions, we will be able to get those answered for you.

This program is focused on 3 areas: Business, Finances, investing in real estate that, *when applied, allows you to start experiencing more life, more fun, being part of a winning team, spending more time with family, using a system of learning that fits your schedule, rewards your efforts with recognition from your peers, and ultimately provides financial security so you can take back control of your finances and your time.

There are 6 Program options you can purchase:

Ala-carte - $1,250 *12 month access to a course

Option 1 - $3,147 *Lifetime access, free updates, free classes as they're added

Option 2 - $4,547 *Lifetime access, free updates, free classes as they're added

Option 3 - $8,477 *12 month access to 2 advanced courses

Option 4 - $27,297 *Lifetime access, free updates, free classes as they're added

Option 5 - $30,444 *Lifetime access, free updates, free classes as they're added

Option 6 - $34,991 *Lifetime access, free updates, free classes as they're added

There is a guaranteed funding option and pay in full discounts for those who are serious.

There is a LOT more value involved in what is offered. For those who are serious about learning what is offered at each option, then attend the meeting and make an informed decision that this is a good fit for you and how to move forward.

PS - There is limited space and time, reserved for those who are committed to get the info and take action. If you re not serious, and won't show up, won't answer emails, or calls, don't waste our time.

Before the meeting, check out some free short videos with strategies: https://shorter.app/richardsaling


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