Lacrimas Profundere

Sun Sep 26 2021 at 06:00 pm to 11:00 pm UTC+03:00

On the Rocks | Helsinki

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Lacrimas Profundere ❗️ UUSI PÄIVÄ 26.9.2021 ❗️
Keikka on siirtynyt. Jo ostetut liput 28.3.2020 päivälle käyvät tälle keikalle sellaisenaan.
Jos uusi päivä ei sovi, liput voi palauttaa Tikettiin 26.3.2021 mennessä.
Voit palauttaa liput Tiketin verkkosivuilta löytyvällä lomakkeella

Lacrimas Profundere are coming back to Helsinki at 'On the Rocks' on March 28th of 2021.
„You must have chaos within you, to give birth to a dancing star" (Friedrich Nietzsche). That must have been what the Schmid brothers had in mind when Christopher (former vocalist, and still songwriter and indispensable asset of the band) came up with the title and cover of their new album "Bleeding The Stars".
Without chaos, no creativity - and both are the driving force behind every new adventure. Adventures that, as of now, Lacrimas Profundere (Latin for shedding tears) have experienced in 30 countries, far away from LA's dazzling theatres. Always with the firm intention to present their band not only in the club next door but worldwide, like for example in Peru or Tokyo.
This unconditional devotion to their own music, the passion to never give up despite all the setbacks but to grow through countless curious, sometimes even strange stories: all this has helped the melancholiacs from Munich to outlast various musical trends over the last 26 years.
But before glancing into the future let us look back: originally starting as a death-doom metal band in 1993, they went the gothic route over time. In 2004, their album AVE END paved the way for their subsequent album FILTHY NOTES FOR FROZEN HEARTS (2006). This chart album is considered a personal milestone, making HIM-fan and US Jackass star BAM MARGERA take notice: Not only was "And God's Ocean" from SONGS FOR THE LAST VIEW covered by both BAM MARGERA and ALISSA WHITE-GLUZ (Arch Enemy).
Where's the adventure, you ask? Well, with THE GRANDIOSE NOWHERE (2010) they toured South America and later China as the headliner. ANTIADORE (2013) - guest composer being none other than RICKY WARWICK (The Almighty, Thin Lizzy, Black Star Riders) - enabled their first world tour. Japan, Korea, Mexico, no matter where: "Ave End", "My Velvet Little Darkness", "Again It´s Over", "My Release In Pain" - the audience knew the lyrics to all of these songs.
With OBLIVION/SPV as their new partner they produced their first concert album titled HOPE IS HERE in 2016. It immediately reached the TOP 30 of the official German Mainstream Charts. With a tour under their belt to support „In Extremo" and them being the headliner provided the next adventure and the next highlight in their band history: a visit to Dubai as the first international gothic band.
But, as Isaac Newton put it: "What goes up, must come down", problems were bubbling under the surface. Oliver's request to return to the sound of their old epic death-doom past wasn't met with approval from most of the band. If anything, Rob, their vocalist, wanted to leave this kind of music behind for good, but was torn to leave the band after 10 long years. The tour took its toll and new, cherished passions were becoming more and more important for parts of the band.
Oliver realized that in order for the band to live, they had to K*ll it first. He and brother Christopher turned to songwriting to find the band's soul and essence again. A new vocalist was found in Julian Larre and "Bleeding The Stars" went straight into the charts and with titles like „Album of the month" in Metal Hammer and many other zines it became a big success all over the world. The music invites you to let go, makes you realize that everything ends and nothing is as important as it seems - it's what the band experienced when recording the songs. Want to take a stroll among the stars in the dark of night? Why not, all you have to do is press "play" and enjoy the accompanying soundtrack - with "Bleeding The Stars"!
Special guests: Delta Enigma (Fin), Raindigo (Rus)

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On the Rocks, Mikonkatu 15, Helsinki, Finland


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