Kuwait Calling: Gulf Getaway - Weekend Only Escapade

Fri Nov 10 2023 at 08:00 pm to Sun Nov 12 2023 at 10:00 pm

Dubai International Airport | Dubai

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Kuwait Calling: Gulf Getaway - Weekend Only Escapade

Introducing Kuwait
Welcome to Kuwait, a land of contrasts and cultural treasures, where history and modernity converge for a unique travel experience. We will take in the vibrant capital and explore the nearby Failaka Island.
Kuwait City boasts modern architecture, bustling souks, and a rich history, including the scars of the Iraqi invasion, which left behind poignant reminders of those challenging times, including abandoned homes and the remnants of tanks from the Gulf War.
A major highlight of the trip is the day excursion to Failaka Island, a serene escape just a short ferry ride away. The island features crystal-clear waters alongside remnants of abandoned armor from the Gulf War, providing a touching glimpse into its turbulent past.

Itinerary Overview
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Day 1 - Night in the City
Welcome to Kuwait! After arriving at the airport, we'll swiftly go to the hotel to freshen up.
Once recharged, we'll make the most of the night, exploring one of the city's popular cafes. Rest assured, as our adventure begins early in the morning, this evening will set the stage for an exciting journey ahead!

Day 2 - Failaka Island
We're starting our day on a ferry ride to Failaka Island. This island, nestled in the Arabian Gulf, is a must-see, boasting a harmonious blend of history and natural beauty.
Expect to see crystal-clear waters and ruins, including the remnants of homes and tanks from the Gulf War. Our journey will lead us to the Heritage Village and Failaka Museum, offering enriching insights into the island's cultural heritage.
It's a day that promises something special for everyone.

Day 3 - Kuwait City
We'll kickstart our day with panoramic city views at Kuwait Towers and a visit to Liberation Tower. Next, we'll dive into the vibrant Souk Al-Mubarakiya for shopping and street culinary delights. Our lunch stop will be near the Grand Mosque.
In the afternoon, delve into history at the National Museum and experience traditional weaving at Sadu House.
As the evening sets, we will transfer everyone to the airport in time for their flights home.

Accommodation Details - We will stay at a centrally located 4-star hotel in Kuwait City.

Trip Cost - Twin / Double Room - $ 740
The Price Includes:
Accommodation, transportation, daily breakfast, local guides, entry fees
The Price Excludes:
Flights & travel insurance (see Flights & Visas) + Lunches & dinners

Another Escape 1st!!! Join us in Kuwait for a quick weekend Escapade.

See you in Kuwait!

Fajer Abu Zayed

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